Comfort food & clothes!

I've been a little stressed the past few days...
So I comforted myself.

Thanks Papa Johns, you always hit the spot.

As most of you know Kyle tore his ACL a few weeks ago and needs surgery.
[huge bummer]
His surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday the 6th, and he'll pretty much be
completely worthless for a while after surgery. 
He's got a golf tournament out of town this weekend though that he plays in with his family every year.
Thank God he isn't going to miss that!
& of course we've also got to fit in a hot date night sometime this week!

Today I am going to clean the heckkkk out of my closet!
I'm trying to decide if I should just take everything to Platos Closet/GoodWill
or if I should do a little sale here on the blog?
What do yall think??

Speaking of sales, I've got a HUGE sale going on at my boutique right now!
20% off ALL summer dresses!!
Don't miss out!!


  1. I recommend against Platos. I sold year old still trendy stuff, some new with tags and got about $2/item. I've had more luck with the same type of stuff on ebay, averaging about $12/item. You have more exposure on this blog too, so I recommend selling through the blog and then trying ebay for whatever doesn't sell. I do have like 80 positive feedback on ebay though and the more you have the easier it is to sell stuff bc people trust you more.

  2. I vote blog sale! Then maybe ebay or something. I'm with the other girl, Plato's sucks.

  3. Papa John's pizza is my favorite right now. Also I suggest ordering a cup (or two) of their ranch and dipping the crust in ranch. SO SO good! I could eat it everyday!

    I'm all about dresses right now. I think I'm going to head over and check out your boutique.

  4. Girl you just made me want to say screw the dinner I planned to make tonight & let's just order pizza!

    You should totally try a blog sale!

  5. try a blog sale!

    i love all the dresses you have in your boutique i cant wait to purchase some! :)

  6. I would say either donate or do a blog sale, I haven't heard very good things about Platos Closet and the amount of money they give you for items!