I am way too excited y'all.
Please go check it out and share it with everyone you know!

oh and there's a little giveaway going on,
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Sacrifices & NEW website!

When you're a blogger  in Houston, Texas you have to make sacrifices.
What kind of sacrifices?
 Well it's basically torture to take outfit pictures outside.
It's humid...REALLY humid, and hot...REALLY hot 99% of the time.
Now, I'm not complaining!
 (okay maybe I am a little about the humidity) 
but anyways...
I sacrificed cute outdoor pictures so that I wouldn't smell the rest of the night, sue me.

Top: MCE 
Skirt: WindsorStore.com
Sandals: Dailylook.com
Bag: Tobi.com

After being old and lazy all day Saturday we decided to spice things up for Saturday night.
A few of our friends were going out downtown so we decided to go with them!

Kyle and I got to the restaurant/bar early because he was starving (as usual)
I was still stuffed from the chinese food...but the second I laid my eyes on this..

Well, you know what happened.

I am seriously such a sucker when it comes to food, 
I literally have NO self control whatsoever...I should work on that.

We had such a good time, 
I only snapped a couple pictures that evening cuz I was busy dancing my little tush off! 

love this girl! 

Love this kid!
I know i've introduced y'all before but this is Kyle's (not so little) brother!
and today is his birthdayyyy! YAY!
He's single and ready to mingle ladies ;] 

On another subject,
I've been working my little butt off and 
I finally built myself a new website for my boutique!!!!!!!
I will be launching it this Friday, which is TOMORROW!
and all of you better go check it out!
Www. ShopMCE.com
will be your brand new "go to" store for all of the cutest clothes.
Eep eep!

Well, I hope all of you pretty girls are having a fab week,
I've gotta go start packing because I'm going hunting this weekend!


Naps and Confusion.

Tank: FreshTops
Plaid Shirt: SheInside.com
High waisted shorts: MCE
Sandals: F21
Bag: Tobi

Saturdays with my love are typically spent eating a lot of food and taking a lot of naps.
and that's justttttt how I like it.
We hit up our favorite chinese buffet for lunch so we could be nice 
and bloated for our afternoon nap.

I always seem to get the best fortunes.
I'm still waiting for that special something to happen this week! ;]

I can't believe I completely forgot to talk about the VMA's yesterday.
Justin Timberlake is absolutely amazingggggggg.
I love the fact that every single celebrity was on their feet dancing and singing when he was performing, that just made it 10x more enjoyable.

Now Miley on the other hand...like what happened?
Is she okay? I'm confused.
I don't think anyone understands what happened, like that was just WEIRD,
and not sexy, or fun, or cute, or artistic.
I think this picture pretty much sums up her future.
Am I right??


I'm already ready for a nap.

Dress: MCE
Vest: F21
Sandals: Tobi
Bag: Tobi
Watch: MCE
Necklace: F21

Friday night was full of laughter.
Kyle and I hit up the Comedy Club! Pauly Shore was the main comedian performing,
and wow is he a hot mess! Haha he was SUPER funny but geez he's gross.
We had a lot of fun but we were both exhausted from being grown ups all week.

Ugh, is that what being a grown up is like? Being tired ALL the time
and constantly wondering when your next nap is going to take place?
lol we're getting old!
But I am totally okay with that.

Kyle was sweet and bought me a juicer!
Eeep eeep!
I am soooo excited about it, I just hope I actually use it like I think I will.
He ordered it online so it should be coming in today!
Time to hit up Pinterest for some recipes!

Have a wonderful Monday yall!


Work outs, Juicers, and staple dresses.

THIS girl desperately needs to put down the ranch doritos and hit the gym.
Seriously though.
I'm going on a cruise in September and want to look my besttttt 
and I'm def going in the opposite direction right now.

They always say that it takes 30 days to form a habit.
I used to work out regularly and I miss it SO much because I always felt SO much better,
but for some reason the past few months I havent been able to drag myself to the gym every day...
I can't EVER seem to drag myself to the gym actually.
But I'm forced to get out of the house for a few hours today so that's where I'll be heading!
and maybe I'll reward myself with a little pedicure afterwards....
no, maybe not, 
I just paid for a cruise I should probably keep saving up for my non existent wedding.

I'm also thinking about buying a juicer!
Do any of you have one? love it? hate it?
What are some awesome recipes?

I've been wanting to get one for a while just so I can get all my fruits & veggies in,
I'm not the healthiest eater so I figured that would be the easiest way for me!

I've got some REALLY cute layering dresses in the shop for Fall!

This sleeveless one looks adorable with our military vest!

Both are great staple pieces to keep around all year long!
So go getcha one! ;] 


Sister Weekend!

This weekend my sister, Tara, & I headed off to Dallas!
On Saturday night we went to the Keith Urban concert, which was a lot of fun!
I spent the majority of my time people watching, I was literally in shock at some of the
outfits some of the girls had on. Like you would think they had just gotten back from the club,
or just finished walking the street corner...like they were BAD yall.

Keith Urban is SO good in concert!
and at one point he started walking through the crowd and no one knew what was going on,
Then Tara and I see that there's a stage closer to us so we literally start SPRINTING
as fast as we could over there!
We were like right in front of him for a few songs which was superrrr cool!

Anyways...We definitely needed to get our rest because the next day Tara was getting a picture with.....
He's so beautiful. I was being a good sister tagging along on this trip with her,
little did I know I was going to fall madly in love.
I've never watched Vampire Diaries but I'll probably start just so I can see him on a regular basis.
Tara was just a weeeee bit nervous before we went, I totally would have been too.
You literally have .2 seconds to get the absolute perfect picture with him.
Her picture ended up being perfffffect, I'm sure she's sharing a picture on her blog!
I was lucky to get to stalk him from a distance,...

Like....SO handsome....

Anyways, hope y'all enjoy this little piece of eye candy!


Fringe and Friends

Top: LuLu's
Shorts: Target
Sandals: F21
Jewelry: Monica's Closet Essentials

Last night Kyle & I went on a double date with one of my besties and her boyfriend.
We ended up going to Kona Grill (one of our favs)
and it was deliciousness and wayyyy too much fun!

The margaritas there are dangerousssss though, no joke.
Liz and I had some good girl talk and the boys talked about hunting and other boy stuff.
I'm SO glad we're all living in the same city again so we can start making this a regular thing!

This weekend my sister, Tara, and I are going on a little roadtrip!
We're heading to Dallas so she can meet her boyfriend Ian Somerhalder
I will definitely be drooling from afar, he is quite the looker.
I'm sure I'll have a lot of pictures to show y'all!
<3 <3 




Shorts: Target
Booties: Zara
Bracelet: Gift

This outfit is SO simple but I love everything about it.
The top is just beautiful and has these little gold studs on both shoulders.
Can you believe these shorts are from Target? They are my absolute favorites,
their Kyle's favorite too.
Every time I wear them he says my legs look amazing, but shouldnt my legs
look the same in all shorts? lol Boys are so weird.
But hey I'll take it!

These booties are the cutest, Zara never lets me down!
I ordered them online but I didn't realize they had a pretty big heel,
I wore them around all day yesterday and they were super comfortable but 
I felt like I was 5 inches taller than everyone around me.
I'm only 5'5 and obviously those arent 5 inch booties, but STILL
I felt SO tall all day long!

Well tonight should be fun, Kyle & I are going on a double date
with one of my besties and her boyfriend (who just moved to town)
Yay! Double dates are seriously the best!

Happy Hump Day girls!


Life with no pants= Glorious.

I had my VERY first day of being a full time Boutique Owner yesterday...
and it was glorious.

I enjoyed working in my own place, on my own time, with no pants.
Life just always seems a little happier and less stressful when you get to
spend the majority of your day not wearing any pants, am I right?

Needless to say I am one very happy girl.
and I feel like doing just a little something special for all my blogging girls!
So, today if you place an order go ahead and take 10% off.
Just use code "Blogger10"
 the code will work for today only so don't wait!

Here are some new items that came in this past week!

The bow back blouses were a HUGE seller, and I just re-stocked them in black!

wow, this top is a beauty in every way possible.
Lace is allllllll the rage right now ladies.

This top is so gorgeous!
and it has great little studs on the shoulders!

I fell in love with this tunic/shirtdress as soon as I laid eyes on it!
Definitely a Fall Essential!

So go get yourself something nice, you deserve it!

I think Kyle and I may get to go on a date this week,
We're planning on Wednesday so we'll see!
I've gotta play housewife today and go buy him some groceries 
since he can't really get around well.
Hopefully I buy all the right things 
and get some "wife material" points.

Have a good day yall!!!
<3 <3


Prayers for Kyle's family.

Well, Last week was spent taking care of Kyle.
He had his knee surgery on Tuesday and so I stayed the rest of the week to help him.
He's always such a good sport. <3

But afterwards he was nottttttt feelin' too hot.

I spent the majority of my time cuddling this adorable pup.
Seriously love her to deathhhhhhh!

Kyle started feeling a little better after he got a care package from his Nana!

Yay for Nana!!
Which leads me to my next subject, Nana is one of the greatest women I have ever met.
She is SO loved by her family and does so much for them & expects nothing in return.
We recently found out that Nana has lung cancer.
I'm pretty sure she'll be starting chemo soon and prayers are appreciated!
There's no doubt in my mind that she'll fight through this and continue living her beautiful life
but I know their family would appreciate as many prayers as they can get. 

Also, While I was taking care of Kyle last week we got a call saying 
that Papa (Nana's husband) had fallen when he was taking the dogs out
and he had a pretty big gash above his eye.
How painful does that gash look? Geez :/

They just can't seem to get a break!
Thankfully Papa wasn't seriously injured, 
he had to get 13 stitches and may have a broken elbow.
But other than that he's okay, and hopefully he'll heal up quick!

So, with all of that being said,
Please keep Kyle's family in your thoughts and prayers!

Thank you all for being so awesome and sweet!

Tomorrows post will be much more light-hearted & uplifting,
pinky promise!


Military Vest + TV Shows + Surgery Day

I recently got this adorable military vest at my store, 
and I am kind of totally madly in love with it.
I love the fact that you can wear it loose and casual.
You can wear it tied and cinch the waist to add a little shape.
It's just perfect, at least I think so.
What do you think? How would you wear this vest?
I am SO excited to create some really cute outfits with it this Fall when it cools down!
I'm thinking burgundy jeans, lace top, green vest boots....oh geez there's just so many options!!

You can order it here

On Saturday my sister and brother in law headed over to celebrate 
my dads bday a little early!
(Kyle was out of town)
We all went out to eat and had some good ol' family time.

After eating we came back home to have some dessert and take some naps
because Lord knows we all had some major food babys.

Is it weird that we all come together as a family to watch "Naked & Afraid"?
I feel like that can't be normal.
Kyle and I discovered the show one weekend, and so I told my parent about it
because it was just so dang weird, then my parents and I started watching it.
Then when Tara and Jonathan came over they were like 
"omg have yall seen this show?!"
Then we literally all sat down and watched it like a family like it was a home movie or something.
Lord help us.
Please tell me you've seen that show??

Well, on a different note.
Kyle is having his knee surgery today!
So if you all could say a little prayer for him this morning that would be awesome!
I'll be taking care of him all day, and maybe even tomorrow and the next day.
Who knows, I'm just praying for a quick recovery and no complications
so that he will be good as new come time for the Cruise!!

Have a great day pretty girls!!


Neon, Lovers, & Votes.

Tank: F21 (old)
Skirt: Windsorstore.com
Sandals: Dailylook.com
Jewelry: F21, Etsy, ClosetEssentials, Charming Charlies

If you want to know what love looks like, here's a good picture for ya.

Can you believe we have been together for almost 6 years now?!
That's basically a life time.
Not really, but you know what I mean.

We are by NO means a perfect couple.
He's got issues, I've got issues, but we've managed to get through
 everything that this crazy life has thrown at us.
And I couldn't be happier with anyone else!
Especially because he takes me to get my favorite food just about every weekend.

Guacamole and chips (and cheese of course)

Oh, and did I mention margaritas? 
Haha yes we go to the same place just about EVERY weekend.
BUT he did try to switch it up, and take me to the aquarium downtown.
I've been wanting to go on a date there for the longesssttttt time but I had to turn it down
because there would be kids everywhere & I couldnt help but feel like a baby prostitute
in my neon mini skirt and high heel sandals.
Girls gotta sacrifice every now and then.

Kyle is having his knee surgery tomorrow morning and I cant help but feel a little nervous,
so it would be greatly appreciated if you could all just say a little prayer for him!

I've also got something else I need yall to help me with...

I've got a big ol' favor to ask you lovely ladies,
If you could be a doll and just click these 2 links
It would mean the world to me, and I will love you forever.
<3 <3 <3