Fringe and Friends

Top: LuLu's
Shorts: Target
Sandals: F21
Jewelry: Monica's Closet Essentials

Last night Kyle & I went on a double date with one of my besties and her boyfriend.
We ended up going to Kona Grill (one of our favs)
and it was deliciousness and wayyyy too much fun!

The margaritas there are dangerousssss though, no joke.
Liz and I had some good girl talk and the boys talked about hunting and other boy stuff.
I'm SO glad we're all living in the same city again so we can start making this a regular thing!

This weekend my sister, Tara, and I are going on a little roadtrip!
We're heading to Dallas so she can meet her boyfriend Ian Somerhalder
I will definitely be drooling from afar, he is quite the looker.
I'm sure I'll have a lot of pictures to show y'all!
<3 <3 


  1. So as I catch up on blogs, my little cousin (male) walks by. He sees your picture, and says, "who's that?!" my reply? "Monica, why, you think she's hot?" haha ten year old future boyfriend? By the way, I love your tank top!

    Xo, Kelsey

  2. girl, you have a killer body. so envious as i sit here eating a bag of chips, haha.