I'm already ready for a nap.

Dress: MCE
Vest: F21
Sandals: Tobi
Bag: Tobi
Watch: MCE
Necklace: F21

Friday night was full of laughter.
Kyle and I hit up the Comedy Club! Pauly Shore was the main comedian performing,
and wow is he a hot mess! Haha he was SUPER funny but geez he's gross.
We had a lot of fun but we were both exhausted from being grown ups all week.

Ugh, is that what being a grown up is like? Being tired ALL the time
and constantly wondering when your next nap is going to take place?
lol we're getting old!
But I am totally okay with that.

Kyle was sweet and bought me a juicer!
Eeep eeep!
I am soooo excited about it, I just hope I actually use it like I think I will.
He ordered it online so it should be coming in today!
Time to hit up Pinterest for some recipes!

Have a wonderful Monday yall!

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  1. cute dress!! Im definitely not a Pauly Shore fan. His voice alone annoys me. And yes, I think he is gross