Military Vest + TV Shows + Surgery Day

I recently got this adorable military vest at my store, 
and I am kind of totally madly in love with it.
I love the fact that you can wear it loose and casual.
You can wear it tied and cinch the waist to add a little shape.
It's just perfect, at least I think so.
What do you think? How would you wear this vest?
I am SO excited to create some really cute outfits with it this Fall when it cools down!
I'm thinking burgundy jeans, lace top, green vest boots....oh geez there's just so many options!!

You can order it here

On Saturday my sister and brother in law headed over to celebrate 
my dads bday a little early!
(Kyle was out of town)
We all went out to eat and had some good ol' family time.

After eating we came back home to have some dessert and take some naps
because Lord knows we all had some major food babys.

Is it weird that we all come together as a family to watch "Naked & Afraid"?
I feel like that can't be normal.
Kyle and I discovered the show one weekend, and so I told my parent about it
because it was just so dang weird, then my parents and I started watching it.
Then when Tara and Jonathan came over they were like 
"omg have yall seen this show?!"
Then we literally all sat down and watched it like a family like it was a home movie or something.
Lord help us.
Please tell me you've seen that show??

Well, on a different note.
Kyle is having his knee surgery today!
So if you all could say a little prayer for him this morning that would be awesome!
I'll be taking care of him all day, and maybe even tomorrow and the next day.
Who knows, I'm just praying for a quick recovery and no complications
so that he will be good as new come time for the Cruise!!

Have a great day pretty girls!!


  1. I am in love with your boots! Totally ties together the entire outfit!

  2. Hope the surgery goes well! Keep us posted!

  3. Love those boots!! Where are they from? Hope everything goes well with Kyle's surgery.

  4. I love that vest! You stock your store with the best stuff, seriously! Thinking of Kyle, I hope he recovers quickly!

    Xo, Kelsey

  5. Wishing Kyle the best with his recovery! You look absolutely stunning as usual!

  6. you are just one hot chick ! love the whole outfit, as usual.
    hope your mans surgery goes well!
    xx from Austria

  7. I hope Kyle's surgery went wonderfully! And I love that you all watch that show all together. I think it's the weirdness in families that make us all unique! How boring would it be otherwise? Also? I love that vest.