Naps and Confusion.

Tank: FreshTops
Plaid Shirt: SheInside.com
High waisted shorts: MCE
Sandals: F21
Bag: Tobi

Saturdays with my love are typically spent eating a lot of food and taking a lot of naps.
and that's justttttt how I like it.
We hit up our favorite chinese buffet for lunch so we could be nice 
and bloated for our afternoon nap.

I always seem to get the best fortunes.
I'm still waiting for that special something to happen this week! ;]

I can't believe I completely forgot to talk about the VMA's yesterday.
Justin Timberlake is absolutely amazingggggggg.
I love the fact that every single celebrity was on their feet dancing and singing when he was performing, that just made it 10x more enjoyable.

Now Miley on the other hand...like what happened?
Is she okay? I'm confused.
I don't think anyone understands what happened, like that was just WEIRD,
and not sexy, or fun, or cute, or artistic.
I think this picture pretty much sums up her future.
Am I right??


  1. My fiance said he was uncomfortable watching Miley Cyrus's performance LOL

  2. I had to look away quite a few times watching Miley's performance, I was embarrassed for her ha ha!

  3. The Miley tongue thing...I JUST DON'T GET IT! And how can anyone think how she was dancing was attractive in any way? How does SHE think that was attractive? I went to zumba the other night and was mortified at the fool I was making of myself and that was for the sake of fitness! I couldn't IMAGINE being okay making a fool of myself like she did on national television in a room full of people who are actually TALENTED in her chosen field.

  4. BAHAHAHA that pic is amazing! I could not possibly have described it better myself! LOL I just hope Liam [Hemsworth] has finally dropped that bag of crazy from his life!

  5. ahahaaah, the last picture is priceless!! you got a new follower here :)

    mandyshareslife.blogspot.com Come visit me♡

  6. Haha my boyfriend and I basically spend our entire Saturday napping too. I thought we were the only ones. Seriously idk how we sleep so much.