Neon, Lovers, & Votes.

Tank: F21 (old)
Skirt: Windsorstore.com
Sandals: Dailylook.com
Jewelry: F21, Etsy, ClosetEssentials, Charming Charlies

If you want to know what love looks like, here's a good picture for ya.

Can you believe we have been together for almost 6 years now?!
That's basically a life time.
Not really, but you know what I mean.

We are by NO means a perfect couple.
He's got issues, I've got issues, but we've managed to get through
 everything that this crazy life has thrown at us.
And I couldn't be happier with anyone else!
Especially because he takes me to get my favorite food just about every weekend.

Guacamole and chips (and cheese of course)

Oh, and did I mention margaritas? 
Haha yes we go to the same place just about EVERY weekend.
BUT he did try to switch it up, and take me to the aquarium downtown.
I've been wanting to go on a date there for the longesssttttt time but I had to turn it down
because there would be kids everywhere & I couldnt help but feel like a baby prostitute
in my neon mini skirt and high heel sandals.
Girls gotta sacrifice every now and then.

Kyle is having his knee surgery tomorrow morning and I cant help but feel a little nervous,
so it would be greatly appreciated if you could all just say a little prayer for him!

I've also got something else I need yall to help me with...

I've got a big ol' favor to ask you lovely ladies,
If you could be a doll and just click these 2 links
It would mean the world to me, and I will love you forever.
<3 <3 <3

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  1. I'm so jealous!! Every outfit looks so good on you!! I voted ;-) Have a nice day!!