Sacrifices & NEW website!

When you're a blogger  in Houston, Texas you have to make sacrifices.
What kind of sacrifices?
 Well it's basically torture to take outfit pictures outside.
It's humid...REALLY humid, and hot...REALLY hot 99% of the time.
Now, I'm not complaining!
 (okay maybe I am a little about the humidity) 
but anyways...
I sacrificed cute outdoor pictures so that I wouldn't smell the rest of the night, sue me.

Top: MCE 
Skirt: WindsorStore.com
Sandals: Dailylook.com
Bag: Tobi.com

After being old and lazy all day Saturday we decided to spice things up for Saturday night.
A few of our friends were going out downtown so we decided to go with them!

Kyle and I got to the restaurant/bar early because he was starving (as usual)
I was still stuffed from the chinese food...but the second I laid my eyes on this..

Well, you know what happened.

I am seriously such a sucker when it comes to food, 
I literally have NO self control whatsoever...I should work on that.

We had such a good time, 
I only snapped a couple pictures that evening cuz I was busy dancing my little tush off! 

love this girl! 

Love this kid!
I know i've introduced y'all before but this is Kyle's (not so little) brother!
and today is his birthdayyyy! YAY!
He's single and ready to mingle ladies ;] 

On another subject,
I've been working my little butt off and 
I finally built myself a new website for my boutique!!!!!!!
I will be launching it this Friday, which is TOMORROW!
and all of you better go check it out!
Www. ShopMCE.com
will be your brand new "go to" store for all of the cutest clothes.
Eep eep!

Well, I hope all of you pretty girls are having a fab week,
I've gotta go start packing because I'm going hunting this weekend!


  1. Congrats Monica on this new website!!! I can't wait to see!

  2. I love your outfit! I also can't wait to see the new website :D

  3. Love your outfits, always! I also have zero self control when it comes to food. I mean, I could be so full that I am two seconds away from losing my lunch that I stuffed my face with and still order and demolish dessert if it is around. What is wrong with me?! Also, super proud reader over here! I am so happy for you and your store, and how far it has come (and will continue to go!) yay!

    Xo, Kelsey

  4. It looks like you had a great time! You look so fab in your outfit, just like those ones I saw in your website! Anyway, modeling for your own collection is a great idea. It gives your customers a glimpse of how those beautiful dresses would look, and they know that you wouldn't design something you won't wear yourself. Cheers!

    Marshall Wells @ Visible Pages