Shorts: Target
Booties: Zara
Bracelet: Gift

This outfit is SO simple but I love everything about it.
The top is just beautiful and has these little gold studs on both shoulders.
Can you believe these shorts are from Target? They are my absolute favorites,
their Kyle's favorite too.
Every time I wear them he says my legs look amazing, but shouldnt my legs
look the same in all shorts? lol Boys are so weird.
But hey I'll take it!

These booties are the cutest, Zara never lets me down!
I ordered them online but I didn't realize they had a pretty big heel,
I wore them around all day yesterday and they were super comfortable but 
I felt like I was 5 inches taller than everyone around me.
I'm only 5'5 and obviously those arent 5 inch booties, but STILL
I felt SO tall all day long!

Well tonight should be fun, Kyle & I are going on a double date
with one of my besties and her boyfriend (who just moved to town)
Yay! Double dates are seriously the best!

Happy Hump Day girls!


  1. So simple but so cute!! And yes, your legs girl!! Seriously jealous! Tell me your secrets! :) I think I need to work on a tan first! ha!

  2. love this outfit it is so dang cute!