Overwhelmed...In a good way.

Can y'all believe he FINALLY did it?!
I think I'm still in shock.
[Excuse my boy hands, I obviously wasnt expecting a proposal.]

so much for all of the love!
We are both seriously so pumped.

I am so full of emotions you would think I was pregnant.
(I'm NOT)
One minute I can't stop smiling, the next I'm crying, then I'm giggling uncontrollably.

I can't believe that I finally get to put all of my wedding pins on pinterest to good use
I am having one major dilemma though.
Maybe y'all can help?

For the past few months when I've been daydreaming about my wedding
I've pictured myself wearing a beautiful ball gown wedding dress...
but now that I actually get to pick a dress out I'm SO confused.
I have NO idea what style I want, obviously I'll have a better idea once I try them on.
But I want y'alls opinions, what kind of dress can you picture me in?!
Ball Gown? Mermaid? Simple? Lace? Satin?
Go into full detail if you want, lol I need ALL the help I can get.
I've got a lotttttttttt of decisions to make soon, 
but at least they are all fun decisions!

How has everyone been?! 
Obviously, I've been pre-occupied with all of this craziness going on! 


Better than I could have imagined.

So...Where do I begin?

It's September 22, 2013 and well....
It all took place on a cloudy sunday afternoon.

Kyle and I were planning on having a beach date Friday, 
but there was 100% chance of thunderstorms so we changed those plans REAL quick.
Instead we randomly decided to go Sunday because the weather was SO nice.
He picked me up fully prepared with a cooler packed with all of my favorite snacks & drinks
and we started heading towards the beach!
 As we kept getting closer the weather kept getting worse.
Justtttttttt our luck, 
but hey we weren't going to let that stop us from having a nice/relaxing day.
So we found a nice little place where we could drive his jeep on the beach 
and set up a little spot for us.

We sat under the rain clouds hand in hand listening to some good ol' country music
and talking about pretty much everything.
Then it started to rain on us...and we were freezing.
Thank God kyle had a blanket in his jeep,
We looked like a couple of homeless crazies wrapped up in a 
blanket staring at each other and giggling.
After the rain finally stopped we walked around the beach searching for sea shells, 
but there weren't any.
It's kind of funny how there were SO many things going wrong but for some reason
both of us didn't care at all and were seriously having the BEST time.
I couldn't have looked any more un-attracive with my messy bun, 100 fly away hairs
and bloated belly from chips & guac, but he still continued to tell me how pretty I was
and that this is definitely when he thinks I'm the prettiest 
(guys are SO weird)

I know I've told y'all before that Kyle has never been a fan of dancing,
You know like country dancing, 2 step, heel to toe, dosey doe, all that fun stuff!
Well I have always loved it,
[but am the absolute worst, since Kyle will never take me!]
and have spent the majority of our relationship begging him to dance with me.
[don't get me wrong, we always dance together around his apartment, just being silly.]
Long story short,
 before Kyle got his knee surgery he promised me that he would start dancing with me
as soon as he was all healed up.

So we're sitting on the back of his jeep singing a long to the radio when he 
sticks out his hand, I take it and we start [trying] to 2 step.
Dear God, we are awful.
I don't think either of us have laughed that hard or had that much fun in a while.
I think we danced around for an hour, maybe even more. 
At times we were pretty good, but for the most part we were stepping all over each other 
and laughing uncontrollably.
We decided to take a break and went back to sitting and talking in the back of his jeep.
By this time we had been there for like 3 or 4 hours and it was close to getting dark.
I think that he sensed I was about ready to go home.
"You ready to go babe?"
For some reason I could sense that he didn't want to leave, part of me didn't either
because we had such an incredible day but I was absolutely exhausted.
We started packing everything up and once everything was put away
he grabbed my hand and walked me to the passenger seat and I hopped in,
I was sitting in the passenger seat sideways facing him, and he had this big smile on
his face and then gave me a hug. 

He looked at me with the cutest face and said 
"Let's have one more dance before we go, we need the practice"
My eyes lit up, and my mind started going crazy.
I turned on his jeep for some background music and we started dancing again.
"Is he stalling? What's going on? He's not shaking, and doesn't seem nervous. 
Maybe he's just being sweet, Am I shaking?! Breathe Monica"
While we were dancing we were talking about our day and how perfect it was.
Every now and then we would stop because we would mess up so much 
and pull away from each other and just laugh.
At one point we pulled away from each other but were still holding hands, 
and this time I could feel his hand trembling,
 I leaned in to hug him and both of our hearts were basically punching each other.
I knew something was about to happen and it felt like my entire body was shutting down.

Never in my life have I seen Kyle act nervous before this moment.
Which made me 10x more nervous.
I know we were having some sort of conversation but I can't remember
anything at all. All I remember is hearing these words...

Kyle : "Well I really wanted to wait for the sun to come out 
but I guess I won't make you wait any longer"
Me: [dying, freaking out, can't breathe, what's my face doing?!] 
"Wait for what?"
Kyle gets down on his knee and pulls out the most beautiful ring
[still no clue where he pulled it from or how long he had been holding it?!]
"Will you marry me?"

After that moment everything is such a blur, 
once I saw him kneeling down my body wen't into freak out mode. 
I wanted to cry and scream and laugh all at the same time. 
I'm pretty sure my mouth was just wide open and I fell on top of him and kissed his eye.
[how romantic?]
Kyle: "Are you going to answer me?!?!"
[hahaha whoops]
Me: "YES are you kidding me?!"
PUT IT ON ME!!!!!!!!!

I then asked Kyle a million and one questions.
We were both shaking and still in shock at what just happened.
After that we walked back and forth on the beach 
talking & squeezing the life out of each other.

Never in my life did I think I could love someone so much.
The past 5 years with him have been the happiest years of my life,
and I cannot wait to marry the man of my dreams.



There's someone I want you to meet.
Her name is Ashley and she is SUCH a doll!

I'm pretty sure I found her on Pinterest and was obsessed with her blog ever since.
She has an incredible talent at putting the CUTEST outfits together.
and guess what?
She's hosting a giveaway for me!!

Before you go enter here's a little sneak peak of her adorable outfit.
2 of the items are from my boutique! Can you guess which ones?!

This giveaway will have TWO winners!
One will win a $100 gift card to MCE & the other a $50 gift card!

Go check out Ashley's post and ENTER to win!!


Wearing Floral Lace and Dreaming of Friday

Lace Top: ShopMCE
Jeans: Kohls
Boots: ShopMCE
Bag: ShopMCE

Who else is ready for Friday?!
I'm excited because Kyle and I are going to the beachhhhh!
Can you believe that I live right next to a beach and didn't go ALL Summer?
Crazy right?!
Well Kyle's sneaking out of work a little early so we can have a little beach date
and I am soooo happy about it.
Weeks always seem to last longer whenever you're looking forward to something,
but hey I'm not complaining!

Can I just tell y'all real quick...
Doing boutique photo shoots in this Texas heat....OMG.
Talk about a work out in itself,
it feels kinda like running a marathon in a sauna.
Maybe not that extreme...but close.
I am so excited for the day when I actually have my own little boutique model
and I'm just behind the camera snapping shots of her!
But until then, I'll just continue sweating it out, and enjoying every minute of it.
Because hey! I could be stuck behind a desk in an office with people that I can't stand.
It could always be worse, so all of you people that love your jobs or at least the people you work with
It's always nice to remind yourself how lucky you are, because it could always be worse.
I hope all of you have a great Wednesday!!
<3 <3


Cardi Party?

How clever is my title to this post?
We got the CUTEST "Cardi-blazers" in the store last week.
Take a little look-see! 

They are incredibly soft and so easy to dress up or down!

I decided to pair them with our (most comfy shirt ever) V neck pocket tee,
fleece leggings, and black boots!

They are PERFECT for work, date night, church, happy hour...seriously you name it.
These are great for any occasion!!

Have a great Monday dolls!


A little fringe for date night.

Tank: ShopMCE
Fringe Vest: Urban Outfitters
Jeggings: F21
Booties: Zara

I was in MAJOR need of a mid-week date night!
Thank God Kyle was too. 

We decided to have a movie night and go see
"We're the Millers"
Omg y'all, it was SO funny!
We laughed a lotttttttt which is just what we needed.

So if you're looking for a funny movie to go see,
go to that one!

<3 <3


Family Fat Day.

Every now & then we have a good ol' family day.
Which usually consists of lots of food, couch time, and lots of laughter.
My parents are building a pool in the backyard & everyone is SO excited about it,
It was supposed to be ready by last weekend so we thought we would be having a pool party,
but the weather has been super stinky, therefore they haven't been able to work on it much.
So we decided to stuff ourselves with cheeseburgers instead of squeezing into our bikinis.
We headed to a little burger place called "Tookies"

Now we are pretty small people...but boy can we EAT.

Here is mine & Kyle's.....

and here is the rest of the table....

Hahaha Lord help us, think we got enough fries & onion rings?

Surprisingly with all of this food there were only a few onion rings left!
How are all of us not obese?
After lunch we were all stuffed, but mom just KNEW the boys (and me) would want dessert later.
So she sent us off to go get some goodies.
The plan was to get a pecan pie and some vanilla ice cream...
Until I laid eyes on the love of my life.
This is by far the best flavor Blue Bell has ever had, and I can NEVER find it.
I think my heart skipped a beat as soon as I saw it.
Needless to say, I HAD to get it.

We went home and watched TV and ate a little more.
I think we all regretted our family fat day once we realized 
we will all be on a cruise in just a couple weeks.

Happy Hump Day!


I'm really not that sorry.

I feel like I'm always apologizing for not blogging enough.
I don't know why I do that? 
Because I'm really not that sorry.
I think maybe I do it because I see other people do it when they haven't blogged in a while.
But in reality...I don't mind not blogging, and I really don't think me not blogging for a week,
or 2...or 3, reallllllyyyyy has any affect on yalls lives whatsoever. 

Can I get an amen?

My boutique has taken over my life and I'm loving every minute of it!
I took a little snapshot of 1/3 of my office last weekend,
Aint she a beauty?!
I was scrolling through pinterest last week 
and found a picture of this UH-MAZING closet organizer,
[you can buy it here.]

Which I knew I just HAD to have for my
boutique room, so I bought it and Kyle came over and set it up for me, 
and voila, it's perfffeeccctttt!
My OCD is taking over and I def need to move that middle shelf down so the clothes
arent touching it, but hey other than that she's perfect. <3
You can get it at Home Depot and it's TOTALLY worth the price!

I've been getting in a TON of new arrivals lately so all of you need to go check them out
so you don't miss out on great things for Fall!

By the way, what do y'all think about the new website?!?!


It's about that time!

Well it is officially time for me to get my butt in shape for the cruise!
I know I've been saying that for a while now....but I'm serious this time!
Check out these groceries I bought last week...

I mean have you ever seen a healthier basket? Because Lord knows I havent lol
I'm just hoping that I actually eat it and it doesn't go to waste, Cmon self control!
This weekend was a "family weekend" which means I loaded up on junk food.
I'll go into detail tomorrow!

Which means my health kick officially starts TODAY!
I actually tried out this juice recipe last week but I was super sad because I think I did something wrong, I always hear about these Kale juices and how amazing kale is for you.
Well, when I put my kale in the juicer it juiced like a tiny little drop...
and allllllll of the kale went into the filter.
What did I do wrong?? Did I buy the wrong Kale? HELP ME!

Time for some pilates & a treadmill date!

Have a great Monday y'all!


Labor Day Weekend!

I hope all of you had an awesome labor day weekend, because I sure did!
Kyle & I headed to the valley with some friends to do a little hunting!

I couldnt have asked for a better weekend!
Time to get my butt in shape though, only a few more weeks until 
I'm on a boat for a week!