I'm really not that sorry.

I feel like I'm always apologizing for not blogging enough.
I don't know why I do that? 
Because I'm really not that sorry.
I think maybe I do it because I see other people do it when they haven't blogged in a while.
But in reality...I don't mind not blogging, and I really don't think me not blogging for a week,
or 2...or 3, reallllllyyyyy has any affect on yalls lives whatsoever. 

Can I get an amen?

My boutique has taken over my life and I'm loving every minute of it!
I took a little snapshot of 1/3 of my office last weekend,
Aint she a beauty?!
I was scrolling through pinterest last week 
and found a picture of this UH-MAZING closet organizer,
[you can buy it here.]

Which I knew I just HAD to have for my
boutique room, so I bought it and Kyle came over and set it up for me, 
and voila, it's perfffeeccctttt!
My OCD is taking over and I def need to move that middle shelf down so the clothes
arent touching it, but hey other than that she's perfect. <3
You can get it at Home Depot and it's TOTALLY worth the price!

I've been getting in a TON of new arrivals lately so all of you need to go check them out
so you don't miss out on great things for Fall!

By the way, what do y'all think about the new website?!?!


  1. I looooove that closet organizer! Now, if only I had it. I like your new site! It is soo easy to get around and find what you are looking for!

  2. You are just the cutest thing ever! I always apologize for not blogging...but honestly, I feel exactly the same as you do! Sometimes life just gets in the way and blogging takes a backseat! Your boutique room is so cute! I'm so happy for you and your success, lady!

    xo Ashley