It's about that time!

Well it is officially time for me to get my butt in shape for the cruise!
I know I've been saying that for a while now....but I'm serious this time!
Check out these groceries I bought last week...

I mean have you ever seen a healthier basket? Because Lord knows I havent lol
I'm just hoping that I actually eat it and it doesn't go to waste, Cmon self control!
This weekend was a "family weekend" which means I loaded up on junk food.
I'll go into detail tomorrow!

Which means my health kick officially starts TODAY!
I actually tried out this juice recipe last week but I was super sad because I think I did something wrong, I always hear about these Kale juices and how amazing kale is for you.
Well, when I put my kale in the juicer it juiced like a tiny little drop...
and allllllll of the kale went into the filter.
What did I do wrong?? Did I buy the wrong Kale? HELP ME!

Time for some pilates & a treadmill date!

Have a great Monday y'all!


  1. I have yet to unbox my juicer, which is a centrifugal juicer, but I found this online:

    Unfortunately leafy greens in centrifugal juicers tend to output less juice overall compared with cold pressed juicers. The best advise for this is juicing kale tightly bound up between 2 hard pieces such as apples carrots etc… to get the most out of it and as Judithh mentioned getting the freshest produce as possible. I hope this helps the firmer the produce the better. http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/forums/topic/problems-juicing-kale/

  2. Proud of you!! I am doing the same healthy program! And you'll see it is not difficult to cook veggies (like carrots) and it's sooooo good! Good luck ;-)

  3. honestly, you're much better off blending the kale (and most foods in general) so you're not losing nutrients and most of all the fiber.

  4. i just put all my fruits in a blender and make breakfast and dinner smoothies!
    when im craving something sweet i put frozen berries and some greek yogurt in my blender = tastes like icecream, just without the guilty feeling afterwards ;)