Happy Halloween?

I completely forgot that today was Halloween…like completely.
I've been so busy wedding planning, and moving things into our new house
I'm surprised I even know what month it is!

So anyways...

I'm THAT girl that goes on a diet every Monday morning…
and then it usually ends around noon.
Diets have never been my thing…I know I don't need to lose weight so I'm not talking
about a food restricting diet, more like a healthy food diet!
Every time I tell myself "Okay, I'm really going to start eating better"
I devour every single fattening or unhealthy thing in the house because in my head I think,
"Well I might as well eat all of this junk so it doesn't tempt me later"
Does anyone else do this? No? Just me?!

I need to get it together.
I did find out that my gym (that I go to once a month)
has PILATES classes! Like with the pilates machines!
OMG I had a baby heart attack when I saw that, I have been dyinggggg
to go to a legit pilates class with the cool machines!
I took a picture of the schedule and I will definitely be going to those 
multiple times a week! I'm pumped because I think what I really needed
was a good reason to go to the gym, now that there's something going on
that I will actually enjoy I think I'll go more often. 
fingers crossed.

Kyle and I took a bunch of things to our new house last night,
it's SO exciting knowing that that's going to be OUR little home together in just a few months.

I got home this morning to a fridge full of my favorite pizza…
stuffed crust pepperoni…Lord help me.
if I hadn't received an email this morning that 
I probably would've eaten all of it.

I hope all of you have a wonderful and SAFE halloween!

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  1. Such a cute house!! Good luck with everything!

  2. What a cute house! I am so excited for you guys :D
    I have tried to eat healthy so many times, and it has yet to happen. Ugh.
    Have a spooky Halloween!

  3. Pilates are great and really effective.
    Your future home seem beautiful and big!! Good luck with the wedding planning and the house moving!

  4. Awesome girl! I'm planning my wedding right now too!! Soo exciting!:):) I'm trying to get in the best shape of my life right now. I actually starting on AdvoCare products and they are amaze-balls! If you'd like to check it out and can at my site. Steelcityadvocare.com. You can check out my Instagram too @jennamaries7. Let me know if you have any questions!! And yay for us brides to be!:)