More fun from this weekend!

Top: F21
Jeggings: F21
Jacket: ShopMCE.com
Boots: ShopMCE.com

While we were in SA this weekend I got to catch up with my girl, Anna.
And we are actually going to start doing business togetherrrrr, eeeee!
Since I'm starting to sell little girls clothes
[went up on the website yesterday!!!]
I decided I would ask her if she wanted to sell some of her handmade
items in my shop!
She makes some ADORABLE things, bows, leggings, blankets…
I could go on forever!
But since she's awesome she didn't want to leave out us big girls.
So she's making the CUTEST turbans/headbands ever!
Here is the first one that's up for sale, I'll have a few other patterns
going up on the website in the next few weeks.
How cute is it though?!

You can order it HERE.

Wellp, that's all for today!



Mini roadtrips are great

Top, Jacket, Jeans, Boots all from:

This weekend Kyle and I headed to San Antonio to watch his brother
play in a basketball tournament and visit some old friends!
We had succccchhhh a GOOD time.
San Antonio is seriously my favorite city.
(well besides like vacation places of course)
I definitely wouldn't mind if we moved back there one day,
if only we could get our families over there too!

We drove up there Friday morning, Kyle went and played golf with the boys
while I visited one of my best friends Anna and her little baby girl!
Who is also going to be my flower girl!! YAY!
She is seriously such a doll..
I mean, have you ever seen anything cuter?!

Anna and I are are actually teaming up together and I'm going to start
selling some of her adorable handmade items in my store!!
I'll tell y'all all about that tomorrow though! 
How was everyones weekend?

I'm SO ready for Thanksgiving.

I'm actually planning on starting my 24 day Advocare challenge
right after Thanksgiving! Either Sunday or Monday.
And no, I'm not doing it to lose weight, just to be healthy!
It's not a diet by ANY means, they just promote healthier eating
and that's what this girl needs to do!
Especially since the wedding is justtttttt right around the corner!
If you're lucky I MAY post before and after pics!
Only if you're lucky though.


I got my "this is it" moment…FINALLY

So I picked out my wedding dress a while ago…
It was literally the FIRST wedding dress I ever put on my body.
Of course I tried others on and I thought other dresses were "the one"
but I kept going back to that first one.
I went back the next day with my mom to try on that first one again 
and I knew I felt more comfortable in it, I felt like Kyle would like it way more than the others,
And I really did feel beautiful.
I just never had that moment that every bride dreams of…
I never started crying, I never got that "OMG this is the one" feeling.
So of course, I've been paranoid and second guessing, wondering if I've made the right choice.
Well, yesterday I had to go pick up my belt for my dress at David's Bridal and when I walked in…
This wedding dress was displayed in the very front and it was 
My jaw dropped, and my stomach turned. 
Was this supposed to be my dress?? It's a little different than the one I bought…
but seriously y'all I fell in love with it….
I forced myself to look away, knowing I could do nothing about it.
And headed back home.
I got home & decided I would throw on my dress just for fun since I had the belt now!
I put it on and immediately got ALL kinds of giddy and excited.
Dad was home for the day so I yelled for him because he hasn't seen it on me in person yet.
I was standing at the top of the stairs all happy and excited 
and as soon as he walked around the corner
his jaw dropped "WOW" and I could see his eyes getting watery.
I immediately starting crying like a baby and my hands were shaking and everything.
He walked up and gave me a hug and told me how beautiful I looked.
THAT was the moment I've been waiting for. 

I know it sounds silly but getting that "feeling" makes it all so much more real.
I just pray to God that I'm not that emotional on my actual wedding day! 
Hopefully I can at least get it all out before my make up is done!
 Ahhhh only 80 days left!!!


Welcome to my mind.

Entire outfit is from my boutique!

So I have a job that most people dream about.
I own an ONLINE business.
This means, I wake up whenever I want, I wear whatever I want.
I never have to rush off anywhere in the mornings, never deal with traffic, etc...
Now to most  of you that sounds like I'm living the life…
to me, not so much.
Don't get me wrong there are HUGE perks.
I LOVE that I get to "sleep in" every day, even though I don't really.
My body still insists on waking me up before 8 every day. 
But still, there are definitely things that I LOVE about my job that I wouldn't want to trade.

Somehow I've managed to become a hermit
and I hate everything about it.
I've realized that I've gotten WAY more shy than usual.
And I'm like why the heck am I being so shy?!
Oh wait, that's right. I literally have NO human interaction at all during the day
besides social media.
That can't be healthy, and I seriously hate it more than anything.
I can't stand not having social interaction regularly like it's killin' me!

Ugh, so with all of that being said…
How do I find a solution?
How can I manage to get out more, but still be working?
I know y'all are like
buttttt I'm not sure if I'm ready for that just yet!
My absolute DREAM/goal is to get like a warehouse//something of that sort,
and be able to put the majority of my boutique in there and make it all cute and nice,
and allow local people to come and shop a couple days of the week,
So it would be kind of like a storefront….but not really.

So this is my life right now,
I'm officially a hermit.
I never leave the house because I'm always working IN the house.
Which mean amy blog is failing because I don't put on cute outfits because I don't leave the house.
Yes, I have pictures of me wearing my boutique clothes but it's just not the same
as me picking out my own individual pieces from my closet and creating an outfit.
Well, I'm determined to find a solution.
I also think once I move into my new home with Kyle things will be better.
I'll have more motivation to go to the gym cuz it's literally 5 seconds away.
I will also be A LOT closer to all of my friends!
Right now I'm at least an hour away from everyone,
which makes it super difficult to get together.
But not for long, so I just gotta stay positive! 




So as you all know…
well those of you that read my blog yesterday. 
I've got some BIG news to share with you!!!!!

I'm going to start selling little girls clothes in my store!!!!
And no I'm not pregnant…well I hope not…not yet at least…
I couldn't be any more excited.
The funny thing is, I haven't been planning this at all.
Like, most people come up with an idea, sit down, do research, think about it,
weigh out all their options, blah blah blah…
Well, not this girl!
 I was sitting at lunch with Kyle and my parents Sunday
and we were talking about my boutique and I randomly threw out
that I wanted to start selling little girls clothes.
and then by that evening I had made a big announcement on my stores facebook page!
It's going to be A LOT of work, and I'm going to be ridiculously busy.
But that's what makes things interesting!
I hope some of you are just as excited as I am, at least those of you with little girls/nieces!

On another note,
I've realized something...
I'm a HUGE slacker when it comes to blogging.
Like seriously y'all…my outfit posts lately…
straight up selfie mirror pics in the bathroom.
Like, who am I?!
My life is taking pictures of cute outfits, 
like that's what I basically do for a living.
Yet, I can't even manage to snap a few decent ones of my daily outfits…
Lord help me, I am officially a LAZY blogger.
BUT, now that I've realized that let's hope that I'll change it.
Weather forbidding of course.
No one likes to take outfit pics in 100% humidity and rain.

With all that being said..I have to go take some outfit pics!!
love all of you ladies, thanks for putting up with my laziness!
<3 <3


Dunk Fast or Die Tryin'

This weekend Kyle & I drove up to College Station
to watch his stepsister, Taryn do her ring dunk!
For those of you that don't know what that is,
You drop your Aggie ring into the bottom of a pitcher full of beer,
and then you have to chug the entire beer to get to the ring!
She was a littttttttttleee nervous to say the least!
Haha she's just the cutest little thing!

She ended up doing SO good, better than some of the boys surprisingly!

It was definitely a fun (& interesting) night!
I'm sure glad Kyle and I decided to go.

btw I'm wearing my stores new aztec sweater vest!
It's seriously the cutesttttttt!

I've also got a HUGE, BIG, MAJOR, EXCITING announcement to tell y'all
about my store!! 
Saturday was my 1 year anniversary so that was REALLY exciting for me!
Some of you may already know the surprise if you follow my boutique on 
Facebook and instagram!
But for those of you that don't you will be filled in tomorrow!!

Have a great Monday ladies!


Girls Night Out

This Saturday we celebrated one of my friends birthdays!!
Her name is Krissa and she is actually Kyle's cousin and I just love her to death!

It was such a fun night and at the end Kyle and a few other people showed up!

Outfit Details
Crochet top: ShopMCE.com
Leather Skater Skirt: Asos.com
Red Heels: Tillys.com

Can you tell I have an online shopping obsession?!

Tonight I'm cooking Kyle dinner and we're going to finish our wine rack!
Yay, I'll hopefully have a finished product to show y'all tomorrow!!



Weekend Arts and Crafts and Cooking for beginners

Top: ShopMCE.com
Jeans: Kohls
Booties: Lulus.com

This weekend was A LOT of fun!
Kyle and I went and watched his little brothers college basketball game
we LOVE watching him play, it's his senior year and everyones a little sad about it.

We also decided to do some arts and crafts for our new home,
especially since the weather has been so nice lately!
We have A LOT of wall space in our home,
so we're trying to come up with different ways to decorate!
I found this UH-MAZING wine rack on pinterest…
So we get to home depot to buy some material and then realize
that our wall that we're going to use isn't that wide…
So Kyle used his manly brain and came up with a different idea!
I'm SOOO excited to finish it!
We worked on it a little Sunday night, well we got started at least…

We're going to finish it on Wednesday so I'll probably give y'all an update or
finished product pictures on Thursday!!

After working on our project I decided to be a little chef and make some breakfast for dinner!
He was craving pancakes and I was craving bacon so it kinda worked out perfectly!
It was soooooooo good!
I definitely had a proud future wife moment.
I know this looks like the easiest meal EVER to cook, but it's an accomplishment for me!
I'm planning on cooking a REAL dinner for him Wednesday night.
So y'all keep me in your prayers because Lord knows I'm going to need it!

Speaking of cooking…what are your favorite, easy, go-to recipes?!
I need ALL the help I can get ladies! 


Wedding Dress and Bestie time.

A cold front FINALLY came through!
and when I say cold front I mean 60 degree weather…
That's Houston for ya!
I'm all about cozy outfits whenever the cooler temperatures come around!
Yesterday was spent running errands with mom so a comfy outfit was a must.

Plaid Top: Forever21
Leggings: ShopMCE.com
Booties: Forever21

So I can't decide what kind of bouquets I want my bridesmaids to carry…
I'm stuck between simple babys breath bouquets, 
or a pretty mixture of flowers that are peach/blush/off white.
Mine is going to be a mixture of the colors I just listed above.
So I'm leaning more toward babys breath so they will be different.
Butttttttt I'm not too sure yet!

What do y'all think?!

Did I mention that I picked up my dress yesterday?!
Eeeeee!! It's SO exciting.
I still need to get it altered but it's just so fun having it at my house!

After picking up my dress I headed downtown to go have a girls night with one of my bffs.

We talk every day, but I haven't actually seen or hung out with her in like weeks!
My abs are definitely sore this morning from laughing so much.
I've known this girl since 6th grade and we were also college roommates.
Which means it's ALWAYS a good time when we're together.
We talk about anything & everything & that's just the way I like it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!

Wedding planning, Playing wife, and Advocare

Remember when I quit my other job to do my boutique full time?
And I was THRILLED because I would have way more time for blogging……
I think we all know that obviously that hasn't happened.
Especially being a newly engaged girl!

I just realized that I haven't even filled y'all in on all of the planning!
We picked a date…and it's SOON.
February 9, 2014.
That's only 94 days away...
We also picked an absolutely beautiful venue,
I'm going with a rustic theme and my colors are going to be neutrals!
Ohhhhh goodness it's going to be sooo purtyyyy!

My life is so ridiculous right now,
and by ridiculous I mean that I watch other peoples wedding videos all day…
and cry a lot.
and I watch the video of myself walking in my dress while
listening to the song I'm going to walk down the aisle too….
and I cry even more.
SO many happy tears have been shed this past month.
Hopefully I get it all out so I'm not a mess on my actual wedding day.

Last night I headed on over to our new home to have a movie night with Kyle.
I am SO jealous that he gets to live there right now.
I decided to play wife and make him a gourmet meal.
Let's just hope that my cooking skills improve as time goes on…
Poor Kyle :/ haha

So as we all know everyone wants to be in amazing shape and look perfect on their wedding day.
I've been hearing all about this whole Advocare thing from A LOT of people.
Have any of you done the 24 day challenge? Or anything to do with Advocare?
Thoughts? Advice? Would you suggest it?

Let me knowwwww!!
Oh and by the way…
I'm kind of regretting all of those cheetos and doritos and ice cream last night.
Oh well.