Dunk Fast or Die Tryin'

This weekend Kyle & I drove up to College Station
to watch his stepsister, Taryn do her ring dunk!
For those of you that don't know what that is,
You drop your Aggie ring into the bottom of a pitcher full of beer,
and then you have to chug the entire beer to get to the ring!
She was a littttttttttleee nervous to say the least!
Haha she's just the cutest little thing!

She ended up doing SO good, better than some of the boys surprisingly!

It was definitely a fun (& interesting) night!
I'm sure glad Kyle and I decided to go.

btw I'm wearing my stores new aztec sweater vest!
It's seriously the cutesttttttt!

I've also got a HUGE, BIG, MAJOR, EXCITING announcement to tell y'all
about my store!! 
Saturday was my 1 year anniversary so that was REALLY exciting for me!
Some of you may already know the surprise if you follow my boutique on 
Facebook and instagram!
But for those of you that don't you will be filled in tomorrow!!

Have a great Monday ladies!

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