I got my "this is it" moment…FINALLY

So I picked out my wedding dress a while ago…
It was literally the FIRST wedding dress I ever put on my body.
Of course I tried others on and I thought other dresses were "the one"
but I kept going back to that first one.
I went back the next day with my mom to try on that first one again 
and I knew I felt more comfortable in it, I felt like Kyle would like it way more than the others,
And I really did feel beautiful.
I just never had that moment that every bride dreams of…
I never started crying, I never got that "OMG this is the one" feeling.
So of course, I've been paranoid and second guessing, wondering if I've made the right choice.
Well, yesterday I had to go pick up my belt for my dress at David's Bridal and when I walked in…
This wedding dress was displayed in the very front and it was 
My jaw dropped, and my stomach turned. 
Was this supposed to be my dress?? It's a little different than the one I bought…
but seriously y'all I fell in love with it….
I forced myself to look away, knowing I could do nothing about it.
And headed back home.
I got home & decided I would throw on my dress just for fun since I had the belt now!
I put it on and immediately got ALL kinds of giddy and excited.
Dad was home for the day so I yelled for him because he hasn't seen it on me in person yet.
I was standing at the top of the stairs all happy and excited 
and as soon as he walked around the corner
his jaw dropped "WOW" and I could see his eyes getting watery.
I immediately starting crying like a baby and my hands were shaking and everything.
He walked up and gave me a hug and told me how beautiful I looked.
THAT was the moment I've been waiting for. 

I know it sounds silly but getting that "feeling" makes it all so much more real.
I just pray to God that I'm not that emotional on my actual wedding day! 
Hopefully I can at least get it all out before my make up is done!
 Ahhhh only 80 days left!!!


  1. I had to wait a little while for my moment to hit me too. But when it did, it hit hard! Yay! Finally another February bride!! I can't wait to see your plans unfold!!

  2. I just got a job as a Bridal Gown Consultant yesterday and I am so excited to help brides find their perfect dress just like you've found yours! I can't wait to see it in February!!!

  3. You know what...I didn't actually get that "moment" until I got in the limo to take me to the church. I was so apathetic to the entire wedding planning process (I just wanted to get married, I really didn't care about the details. I let my mom handle that because she enjoys all that stuff). I liked my dress, sure. But it was that moment of getting in the limo, facing all of my best friends and realizing that WE WERE ON OUR WAY TO MY WEDDING. It was the craziest (and strangely most calming) feeling ever. I'm so glad you had your moment :-D And that you got to share it with your Dad!! How sweet!