So as you all know…
well those of you that read my blog yesterday. 
I've got some BIG news to share with you!!!!!

I'm going to start selling little girls clothes in my store!!!!
And no I'm not pregnant…well I hope not…not yet at least…
I couldn't be any more excited.
The funny thing is, I haven't been planning this at all.
Like, most people come up with an idea, sit down, do research, think about it,
weigh out all their options, blah blah blah…
Well, not this girl!
 I was sitting at lunch with Kyle and my parents Sunday
and we were talking about my boutique and I randomly threw out
that I wanted to start selling little girls clothes.
and then by that evening I had made a big announcement on my stores facebook page!
It's going to be A LOT of work, and I'm going to be ridiculously busy.
But that's what makes things interesting!
I hope some of you are just as excited as I am, at least those of you with little girls/nieces!

On another note,
I've realized something...
I'm a HUGE slacker when it comes to blogging.
Like seriously y'all…my outfit posts lately…
straight up selfie mirror pics in the bathroom.
Like, who am I?!
My life is taking pictures of cute outfits, 
like that's what I basically do for a living.
Yet, I can't even manage to snap a few decent ones of my daily outfits…
Lord help me, I am officially a LAZY blogger.
BUT, now that I've realized that let's hope that I'll change it.
Weather forbidding of course.
No one likes to take outfit pics in 100% humidity and rain.

With all that being said..I have to go take some outfit pics!!
love all of you ladies, thanks for putting up with my laziness!
<3 <3


  1. What a great idea! Have you ever seen One Tree Hill? Because you totally remind me of Brooke on the show with your own clothing line and everything :)

  2. How stinking cute! I wish you the best of luck, if I had kids I would totally be hitting up your boutique for some cute little girl clothes!

  3. Can't wait to see these outfits!

  4. So exciting that you will be selling those outfits! My niece would probably rock your stuff! You have the best style, so I can only imagine how adorable the pieces will be that you will have!

    Xo, Kelsey