Mini roadtrips are great

Top, Jacket, Jeans, Boots all from:

This weekend Kyle and I headed to San Antonio to watch his brother
play in a basketball tournament and visit some old friends!
We had succccchhhh a GOOD time.
San Antonio is seriously my favorite city.
(well besides like vacation places of course)
I definitely wouldn't mind if we moved back there one day,
if only we could get our families over there too!

We drove up there Friday morning, Kyle went and played golf with the boys
while I visited one of my best friends Anna and her little baby girl!
Who is also going to be my flower girl!! YAY!
She is seriously such a doll..
I mean, have you ever seen anything cuter?!

Anna and I are are actually teaming up together and I'm going to start
selling some of her adorable handmade items in my store!!
I'll tell y'all all about that tomorrow though! 
How was everyones weekend?

I'm SO ready for Thanksgiving.

I'm actually planning on starting my 24 day Advocare challenge
right after Thanksgiving! Either Sunday or Monday.
And no, I'm not doing it to lose weight, just to be healthy!
It's not a diet by ANY means, they just promote healthier eating
and that's what this girl needs to do!
Especially since the wedding is justtttttt right around the corner!
If you're lucky I MAY post before and after pics!
Only if you're lucky though.


  1. So exciting to see you say your wedding is around the corner! Weddings are soooo fun! You and Kyle are the cutest too...so I can't wait to see photos (if you choose to post them!) I am adoring the bow on your top! Details like that always sell me on a product!

  2. OMGGGGG THAT BOW TOP!!! I swoon. I need to get on the fashion wagon. I think I missed it when it passed by in HS and I just never caught back up. Maybe some things from your shop will have to make it onto my xmas list!!!! Yay for fun road trip weekends with your love!