More fun from this weekend!

Top: F21
Jeggings: F21
Jacket: ShopMCE.com
Boots: ShopMCE.com

While we were in SA this weekend I got to catch up with my girl, Anna.
And we are actually going to start doing business togetherrrrr, eeeee!
Since I'm starting to sell little girls clothes
[went up on the website yesterday!!!]
I decided I would ask her if she wanted to sell some of her handmade
items in my shop!
She makes some ADORABLE things, bows, leggings, blankets…
I could go on forever!
But since she's awesome she didn't want to leave out us big girls.
So she's making the CUTEST turbans/headbands ever!
Here is the first one that's up for sale, I'll have a few other patterns
going up on the website in the next few weeks.
How cute is it though?!

You can order it HERE.

Wellp, that's all for today!



  1. That headband is so cute! I think you two doing business together is an amazing idea; can't wait to see everything she makes! I also love how frequently you've been posting! Yay!

    Xo, Kelsey

  2. So cute!

    Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Sunshine Award over on my blog! corkyree.blogspot.com

    I moved away from San Antonio last November & miss it terribly!