Wedding planning, Playing wife, and Advocare

Remember when I quit my other job to do my boutique full time?
And I was THRILLED because I would have way more time for blogging……
I think we all know that obviously that hasn't happened.
Especially being a newly engaged girl!

I just realized that I haven't even filled y'all in on all of the planning!
We picked a date…and it's SOON.
February 9, 2014.
That's only 94 days away...
We also picked an absolutely beautiful venue,
I'm going with a rustic theme and my colors are going to be neutrals!
Ohhhhh goodness it's going to be sooo purtyyyy!

My life is so ridiculous right now,
and by ridiculous I mean that I watch other peoples wedding videos all day…
and cry a lot.
and I watch the video of myself walking in my dress while
listening to the song I'm going to walk down the aisle too….
and I cry even more.
SO many happy tears have been shed this past month.
Hopefully I get it all out so I'm not a mess on my actual wedding day.

Last night I headed on over to our new home to have a movie night with Kyle.
I am SO jealous that he gets to live there right now.
I decided to play wife and make him a gourmet meal.
Let's just hope that my cooking skills improve as time goes on…
Poor Kyle :/ haha

So as we all know everyone wants to be in amazing shape and look perfect on their wedding day.
I've been hearing all about this whole Advocare thing from A LOT of people.
Have any of you done the 24 day challenge? Or anything to do with Advocare?
Thoughts? Advice? Would you suggest it?

Let me knowwwww!!
Oh and by the way…
I'm kind of regretting all of those cheetos and doritos and ice cream last night.
Oh well. 


  1. EEEK girlie that's awesome. We had a very short engagement too, just 6 months and it was the best decision ever. I still can't believe how fast time has flown and I'm now doing wedding recaps, crazy!

    I've heard good things bout advocate but never done the cleanse.

  2. Girl, I don't even know why you're considering doing Advocare! You are already a skinny mini and so damn beautiful! But in Advocare's defense, I've heard good things but I've also heard it didn't work for some people. Plus it's super pricey.

  3. Agreed, you look great!! However, speaking of healthier eating. Have you ever done any beachbody programs or heard of their shakeology?? I don't know much about advocare, I would need to research it. Shakeology is a super food nutrient dense meal replacement shake. Email me if you're ever interested cruzanfit@gmail.com

  4. You are tiny and don't need advocare! If anything I would try just working out daily with at least a half hour to 45 minutes of cardio. Eat lots of protein, only complex carbs, cut out lots of sugar and fats. You will definitely see a difference and you will feel great for the big day! Good Luck! :) http://pinkpearlsandsass.wordpress.com

  5. Wow! Congratulations and best wishes in advance! I am sure you are very much excited. Never heard about advocare and i think you look absolutely gorgeous so if that is a slimming program, i don't think you need it anymore. That gourmet meal you prepared for your fiancee looks really delicious.


  6. Wowza, so soon!!! Good luck and have FUN! :D

    aka Bailey

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