Welcome to my mind.

Entire outfit is from my boutique!

So I have a job that most people dream about.
I own an ONLINE business.
This means, I wake up whenever I want, I wear whatever I want.
I never have to rush off anywhere in the mornings, never deal with traffic, etc...
Now to most  of you that sounds like I'm living the life…
to me, not so much.
Don't get me wrong there are HUGE perks.
I LOVE that I get to "sleep in" every day, even though I don't really.
My body still insists on waking me up before 8 every day. 
But still, there are definitely things that I LOVE about my job that I wouldn't want to trade.

Somehow I've managed to become a hermit
and I hate everything about it.
I've realized that I've gotten WAY more shy than usual.
And I'm like why the heck am I being so shy?!
Oh wait, that's right. I literally have NO human interaction at all during the day
besides social media.
That can't be healthy, and I seriously hate it more than anything.
I can't stand not having social interaction regularly like it's killin' me!

Ugh, so with all of that being said…
How do I find a solution?
How can I manage to get out more, but still be working?
I know y'all are like
buttttt I'm not sure if I'm ready for that just yet!
My absolute DREAM/goal is to get like a warehouse//something of that sort,
and be able to put the majority of my boutique in there and make it all cute and nice,
and allow local people to come and shop a couple days of the week,
So it would be kind of like a storefront….but not really.

So this is my life right now,
I'm officially a hermit.
I never leave the house because I'm always working IN the house.
Which mean amy blog is failing because I don't put on cute outfits because I don't leave the house.
Yes, I have pictures of me wearing my boutique clothes but it's just not the same
as me picking out my own individual pieces from my closet and creating an outfit.
Well, I'm determined to find a solution.
I also think once I move into my new home with Kyle things will be better.
I'll have more motivation to go to the gym cuz it's literally 5 seconds away.
I will also be A LOT closer to all of my friends!
Right now I'm at least an hour away from everyone,
which makes it super difficult to get together.
But not for long, so I just gotta stay positive! 



  1. Aww Monica. HUGS. You got this. You can stop being a hermit for sure. Because you are determined!!

    Weren't you a teacher or am I losing my mind?
    What kind of online business do you have?

    And - I LOVE THAT OUTFIT. It looks like you stepped right out of a magazine!

  2. OH friend..I feel you on this in so many ways. I work from home too. The kicker--is I'm in a "new" town which also happens to be a COLLEGE town where I'm almost 10 years older than some of the people. It's also a very SMALL town. I don't know anyone and have no way of making connections. My friends and family live an hour away and my husband works all the time. I just make it a point to get dressed every day even when I don't want to. I also make it a point to get out of the house even if it's just to pick up to-go food or run to a store (I frequent sally's beauty supply--I like browsing the nail polish and talking to the sales people--my life is very lame I realize this lol). Hang in there, friend! I have no real solution--but maybe try reaching out via social media to some people nearby? Your sister actually accidentally introduced me to a girl who surprisingly lives about 15 minutes from me! Social media does some pretty cool things!

  3. I work from home and don't have children (just a cute pup) and have run into the same problem. My solution is to have fitness classes that get me out at a specific time. Really helps! Good luck. The grass is always greener...but in reality, working from home rocks!!