2013…you were good to me!

I'm looking back at 2013 and I've seriously grown and learned SO much since last December.
2013 was such an amazing and fun year for me!

In 2013 I…
Created a job for myself that I absolutely LOVE.

Found a skincare routine that actually works for me.

Got to feed giraffes!!!

Had at least 5 pizza & wine picnics on Kyle's old apt floor

Went to a drive in movie and had a picnic in the car

Went on a awesome hunting trip in the valley (twice)

Found at least 4 new shows that I'm OBSESSED with.
(Walking Dead, The Following, Scandal, Modern Family..)

Got my Concealed Handgun License

Went to see Cirque Du Soleil!

Went gambling at Lau'berge in Louisiana

Got to see my favorite bands at the rodeo with my favorite people

Went on multiple mini road trips with my love

Rented a beach house with my favorite people

Turned 24!

Went through a drive through African Safari

Learned who my real friends are.

Helped Kyle recover from knee surgery

Went on a SISTER road trip to Dallas

GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!

Went on a cruise with my family

Got my first home with Kyle

Planned a wedding….
Now it's just time to GET MARRIED!

My oh my it's been a GOOD year!
I would say that I'm not sure if 2014 can beat 2013 buttttttt
I am getting married so I think that pretty much beats anything and everything!
Only 40 more days till this girl is hitched!

I hope all of you have a very fun and safe evening celebrating with people you love!

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  1. 2013 was really good to you it looks like! Can't wait to hear all about the wedding in forty days!!!

    Do you like the clairisonic? I want to try it out, but haven't taken the plunge yet!