My Favorite Outfit and a Few of My Favorite People

Sweater: ShopMCE.com
Jeans: Kohls
Boots: Forever21
Scarf: thrifted

So I know you're thinking…
"uhhhh, that's your favorite outfit?"
well let me explain why.
Yes, as of right now it is.
I wear those jeans just about every other day, they are seriously the BEST.
[Thanks Kohls]
Scarves are always great, especially this cute little floral one that I thrifted a LONG time ago!
These boots…omg these boots. I am in LOVE!!!
[Thanks Forever21]
and THIS sweater! It's the cutest and comfiest thing ever!
It's actually from my boutique but I haven't put it on the website yet!

So maybe this isn't THE best outfit, and maybe it's not actually my
FAVORITE but it's still great, in my eyes at least. 

Over Thanksgiving break Kyle & I and a bunch of his cousins and our friends
decided to go bowling!
Is he just the cutest or what?!

Krissa, Rachel & I!

Krissa is Kyle's cousin, and one of my bridesmaids!
And Rachel is going to be making my bouquet and doing my hair!
I loveeeeee these girls to death!
After getting there we ended up spending the entire time at the bar
having girl talk and drinking long islands, it was actually REALLY fun
and we didn't miss the boys one bit! haha

I'm excited for Christmas break when we all get to hang out again,
It's always fun when everyone's in town!

Y'all would be so proud of me,
At least once a week I go over to our house and cook Kyle and I dinner!
Sometimes even twice!
Woohooooo! Maybe I can handle this whole being a wife thing,
Okay I know I can handle being a wife, it's the cooking every night that terrifies me..
But hey gotta start somewhere!! ;] 

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