Thanksgiving and Family Time!

Sorry I'm a little late on the Thanksgiving update…
BUT I did get all of my Save the Dates mailed out! Wahoo!

How was your Thanksgiving?!
Mine was busyyyyy and full of love!

Kyle and I started out with my side of the family
and got some good bonding time in with everyone!
That adorable little boy is going to be my ring bearer! eep!

These are the only pictures I managed to get, but hey it's better than nothing!

After a few hours with my family we headed on over to his families side of town!
Kyle's family is A LOT bigger than mine,
We ended up staying the entire weekend over there (we usually do)
all of the cousins on his side are all around the same age so everyone is super close,
and it's always a tonnnnn of fun!

Here I am [looking a hot mess] with kyle's siblings and mom!

After stuffing our faces we all decided to go outside and throw the football around a little bit.
Obviously his family consists of mainly guys…haha
and they are all SUPER tall!

Tomorrow I'm showing y'all my new favorite outfit!!!!
So be readyyyyyyyy!
(it's really not that exciting….like at all)


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  1. Not a hot mess, love the outfit! Details? Also, HOW do you do your hair??