VS fashion show!

V neck: UrbanOutfitters.com
Jeans: Thrifted
Booties: LuLus.com
Jacket: Target
Scarf: ShopMCE.com

Last night was spent eating ice cream and watching VS angels strut their
stuff on the runway in close to nothing. 
and I loved it.
The VS fashion show is definitely one of my favorites!
Last year I was disappointed because some of the models looked WAY too skinny, like unhealthy.
But this year, geez they all looked gorgeousssssss!
I headed over to my friend Liz's apartment to watch the show with some girlfriends,
Of course we all had our different opinions.
I think it's funny that some people truly think that if someone looks that good
then "OH they definitely had some work done"
I'm not saying that none of them have ever had any type of work done.
(I honestly don't think many of them have though, if any at all)
But I think it's silly to assume that they have just because they are thin and extremely toned.
Hello, it's called diet and the right form of exercise people!! 
(and I'm sure they all have great genes)
Needless to say, they all looked absolutely beautiful!
And I want every single one of those outfits.
I also thought the musical performances were SO GOOD,
Taylor did an awesome job!

Here are a few of my favorites from the night…

What did you think about this years show?!


  1. Tswift was gorgeous and had an amazing performance. I don't think any of them have had work done aside from nose jobs (Erin Heatherton). They either work out and don't eat much or they're just naturally that thin. And they definitely add some extra padding to those bras to create that cleavage. I was really impressed with this year's show overall though. I look forward to it every year.

  2. I catched the tail end of it and loved Taylor's performance and the way Adam Levine was making kissy faces to his fiancee was adorable!

  3. I DVR'd it and can't wait to watch it! Unfortunately none of my girl friends want to watch it with me ha ha.

  4. i missed it! ahh. i love your outfit :)