Dress: ShopMCE.com
Wedges: Tillys.com on sale!
Clutch: ShopMCE.com
Necklace & Bracelet: Forever21.com (old)

I'm super glad Kyle and I decided to go on a double date Friday...
Because the rest of the weekend we did a whole lot of nothin'.
We went on a double date with one of my best girlfriends, Liz, and her boyfriend, John!
We had a few margaritas, a LOT of queso & a LOT of laughs
and then headed to a little piano bar to hang out people watch.
We went pretty early, around 9pm so there were a lot of older people there.
It was so entertaining.

At dinner we got to watch UTSA (our college) beat UofH, which was also fun! 
It's so weird to think that I graduated 2 years ago...Go Roadrunners! Ha!

Selfies with tall boyfriends are NOT easy.

Double dates are kind of my favorite thing,
I think it's probably because our friends are so great.
I am super grateful that we have a good group of friends,
good friends are hard to find, y'all.

I hope everyone enjoyed their extra long weekend!
The weather over here was rainy and nasty so we spent a lot of time indoors.
It sure was nice to be lazy and relax though!

xoxo, Monica


  1. Oh i love a trapeze dress and that one is super pretty!! Looks like you had an amazing time! Can't wait to snag a bf and go on double dates with my friends :)