First day on the slopes!

The first day we skied was SO cold.
It was around -10 degrees and it started snowing HARD during the middle of the day.
Therefore I only skied half a day! ha!

Even though it was freezing it was SO much fun.
I've only been skiing like twice in my life and both times I was pretty awful.
I was pretty surprised with how much better I did this time,
Kyle was super impressed too!
It's always nice to impress the husband ;]

I was only planning on skiing one day but we heard the weather was supposed to be
AMAZING the following day, so I ended up buying another half day!

Come back tomorrow to find out if the weather really was amazing...;] 

Happy Hump Day Ladies, go do some squats!

xoxo, Monica


  1. yall look so cute!! I haven't been since I was liiiittle! My husband wants to go! I told him I would prob be on the ground most of the time, ha!

    1. Thank youuuu!! haha oh gosh trust me I was on the ground plentyyyy!