Thank God for weekends.

After a SUPER long week, this weekend was majorly needed.
After babysitting Friday, Kyle and I headed out to get margaritas and some tex-mex!

Kyle and I have been stressing lately because a lot of people at his job are getting laid off.
God is definitely watching over us because he was offered a new position rather than being let go.
He starts in a few weeks and it's in a different location which means we MAY be moving soon.

So there's been lot's of things going on over here, 
which is why I haven't had much time for blogging!
This weekend was great though.

On Saturday we met up with Bryan & Skye to have lunch and take our pups to the park!
They had a BLAST but were a filthy mess. 

Saturday night we met back up with them for some drinks [& queso]

I LOVE how close we all are. 
It's also a HUGE plus that I'm in love with my brother in laws girlfriend,
knowing that you could potentially have a best friend as family is always exciting.
After a few drinks we headed downtown to meet up with some more family/friends!

Unfortunately no photos were taken, only snapchats.
Which is pretty typical for a night like that lol.

But anyways...Kyle has been building us a new kitchen table and I am SO excited about it.
I am dying to show y'all the finished product, he's done such an awesome job.
Hopefully it will be finished by tomorrow!! 

Have a great Tuesday ladies!

xoxo, Monica


  1. Ughhhhh of all the things I miss the most while living in Manila...TEX-MEX. I am so jealous of your queso adventures. Please, please, eat an extra bowl of everything for me next time you're out, okay?

  2. I wish I could take my pups out on a doggy play date! Sounds like you had a great weekend :D How exciting about Kyle's promotion!