Slight Change in Plans...

Saturday was supposed to be a healthy + fitness day.
I signed up for a 5k foam glow run with all the girls in my family a while back,
and the race was Saturday evening, I was SO pumped about it!

I ate super healthy all day and was ready to have fun and run those 3 miles!
Then a storm decided to roll in...and the race got cancelled....
So Kyle and I met up with Tara and Jonathan for some drinks & queso.
So much for a healthy fitness day right?!

Kept it super casual for this double date night.

Converse: Nordstrom

We ended up staying there for over 2 hours laughing our butts off!

Queso and margaritas are my ultimate weakness,
my body definitely wasn't happy with me the next day!
BUT yesterday I started back at it with healthy eating and I'm feeling GOOD.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

xoxo Monica

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  1. That is a bummer but how can you pass up queso and margaritas?! I love that shirt btw!!!