Valentines Day Tops - To Die For

Last weekend I shared some of my favorite Valentines Day looks,
Then I realized they were ALL dresses!
And not all of us are "dress girls"
So today I figured I would share some blouses that are drool worthy also!

Sweet Annie Lace Blouse

[I totally bought this]
on sale for $25!
It looks red here but it's definitely more of a fuscia/pink in person!





I'm loving alllllll of these tops!! 
Which one is your favorite?

Well, I'm off to go do a full body work out!
Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

xoxo, Monica


GIRLS TRIP and a Detailed Work Out Routine (before pic)

I am so so excited y'all!
I'm going on a cruise with just my girlfriends in February!!!
I'm going with 2 of my best friends (Liz and Jenn) that i've pretty much known my whole life, 
and then a girl named Jamie, who I've never really met, but i'm sure she's just the greatest.

I'm so pumped. I haven't been on a girls trip since college,
and even then it was more like a weekend trip to another place in Texas, not a trip to Mexico!

We are leaving in about 3 weeks, which means I have 3 weeks to kick my butt in shape!
I'm currently eating a cookies & cream quest bar while I type this.
[so good]
I'm planning on working my butt and legs REAL good today, 
oh and some cardio of course!

Luckily, I've already been eating better and working out.
So I'm not like panicked thinking I have to cleanse and do crazy amounts of cardio every day.

Here is what a typical work out week looks like for me!
Obviously some weeks I end up skipping days or doing something completely different,
but this will give you a good idea of what I TRY to do every week.

Now I am obviously no fitness expert, and I have nothing close to a "dream body"
BUT I know what works for me, and maybe it'll work for you too!
I also suggest going to random fitness classes, and switching things up every now and then!

Monday: Legs & Butt
[Monday & Thursday are my leg & butt days, on Mondays I stick with machines at the gym, and Thursdays are when I use free weights/body weight]
I also switch out with either doing as much weight as I can with less reps,
or a less amount of weight with a lot of reps.

30-45 minutes of any type of cardio (elliptical is my favorite)
Inner & Outer Thigh Machine 
Leg Extension Machine 
Seated Hamstring Curls
Leg Press Machine 
I use the Leg Press Machine to work out my calves also, 
I learned the hard way that you should do one leg at a time when doing calves, 
because I've had only 1 calf sore for 3 days now. whoops!
10 minutes Stair Master 

Tuesday: Arms/Upper Back
I typically do 1 or 2 arm work out videos at home (will link my favs below)

After doing these at home I head to the gym to do cardio.
30-45 minutes of any kind
Then will do some free weights/machines
Bicep Curls 
Tricep Extensions
Shoulder Press
Alternating Front & Side Raises
Lat Pull Down Machine
End with 10 minutes on the Rowing Machine

Wednesday: Abs/Lower Back
I've noticed that on Wednesdays I tend to get really lazy,
I do my cardio then I'm pretty much done for the day, 
but I REALLY want to find an ab/lower back routine that I love so that I actually do it.
So if you have any good ab/lower back work outs TELL ME.

30-45 minutes any type of cardio
To be completely honest I haven't worked out my abs/lower back in forever,
which is probably why I hate both of those parts of my body right now.
BUT if you haven't ever heard of Blogilates she has some awesome videos!!
So I will probably start doing those on Wednesdays.

Thursday: Legs & Butt
(I will go into more detail of these exercises soon)
30-45 minutes of any type of cardio
Side Lunges
Squat with alternating leg raises 
Donkey Kicks
Fire Hydrants

Friday: Full Body or Arms
Sometimes I work out on Fridays and sometimes I don't.
If I do, I will do like 20 minutes of Cardio followed with a Full Body Work Out Video or a
simple arm work out!

If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!! 
Hopefully I really stick with this schedule for the next few weeks.
If you have an awesome work out that you love PLEASE share it with me!

Here I am today...
Not loving it...actually can't believe I'm posting this.

Hopefully in a few weeks my butt & legs will be bigger 
and stomach & waist will be tighter with more definition!

Happy Thursday!

xoxo, Monica


Dog Parks and Dinners

Saturday was an interesting one.

Piko Top: ShopMCE
Necklace: ShopMCE
Jeans: LuLus
Booties: Madden girl via ShopTheRage (similar)
Bag: LuLus

Kyle's dad was in town again this weekend, so early Saturday morning
Kyle left to go play golf with him, his brother,  and (our) brother in law!

While he did that I was a good wife and cleaned up the house!
(Go me!)
Then I decided to be a good mother and take Charley to the dog park.
I was really only planning on being there for about an hour....
Until this guy started talking to me, and never stopped.
Don't get me wrong he was really nice and we had a good convo!
He wasn't creepy or flirting with me, just loved to talk...

Y'all...I was there for almost FIVE hours.
yes, 5.
Charley of course had the time of her life, 
but sheesh I was so ready to go home and get out of the freezing wind and sit on my butt.

We finally left then I had to hurry and get ready to go to dinner with Kyle's
dad and everyone else that was in town!

We were planning on going to dinner and all hanging out and doing something afterwards.

Well that didnt exactly happen.
After dinner everyone was SO tired.
All of us had been in the sun all day and I guess that just wore us out!
So we all went our separate ways and headed home.
Kyle and I spent the rest of the evening watching netflix,
We're on season 4 of Homeland right now! Anyone else watching that?!

My first day of Nannying/Dog Walking went well yesterday!
The boy and pup are both sweethearts.
If you followed me on snapchat there's a picture and video of Bentley the golden doodle!
He is too too cute!

I'm not going to lie though I was WORN OUT once I got home!
Adding something new to your schedule sure does take its toll on a girl.

Well I'm off to drink some coffee and get ready for the day,
Happy Tuesday Ladies!

xoxo, Monica


Successful Ladies Night

Thursday night was much needed.
It had been a while since I've been out with just my girls!

Sweater: ShopMCE [sold out] (similar)
Jeans: Cotton On (similar)
Booties: Zara  (cute option) 
Bag: LuLus

We started at a little spanish restaurant downtown called Mi Lunas

Had the best girl talk and shared a couple [pitchers] of margaritas.

After that we decided to go to Pete's Piano Bar!
Which was the best decision we could've made.

There was barely anyone there but omg y'all...it was SO much fun.
I may or may not have been in a dance competition.
And taken wayyyyy too many [tipsy] snapchat videos and posted them to my story [embarrassing]
You can follow me on snapchat here: MonicaLeeee

Unfortunately this blurry photo is the only one we managed to get of all of us.
but goodness that night was a good one!

I can't believe it's Monday already,
I feel like I'm always saying this...but this weekend FLEW by.

I officially start my nannying/dog walking job today!
Wish me luckkk!
Hopefully both the dog and little boy are angels! haha

Happy Monday y'all!
Who's watching The Bachelor tonight?!?!? weeeee I AM!!

xoxo, Monica


Valentines Day Looks!

Today I'm sharing some of my absolute favorite looks for Valentines Day!

Whether you're going on a hott date with your significant other, 
drinks with a girlfriend, or just a casual movie night...
Here are a few ideas that you may fall in love with!

ALSO take 10% off all dresses on ShopMCE.com
code: ValentinesBabe

Date Night Looks

LULUS Exclusive Shifting Dears Magenta Long Sleeve Dress






Casual Looks





I'm not positive what I'm wearing for Valentines Day yet but I'm pretty sure 
there will be some bright red heels involved!

Can't wait to see everyones Vday looks!

Happy Weekend!!

xoxo, Monica


Mother/Daughter Park Day

The weather has been SO nice the past few days!
I've been taking full advantage and being outside as much as possible.
That's one really awesome thing about being your own boss,
you can get up and take your dog to the park and enjoy the weather whenever you want!

There's this HUGE park by our house that I love taking her too, 
I love it because she can just run around off the leash and I don't have to worry about cars driving by.
[I left the leash on in case I needed to grab her quickly for some reason]

Inside the massive park is an actual dog park!
After both of us ran around for a little while I decided to take her there since there
were a couple other dogs inside.

It didnt take long for her to find the biggest water/mud puddle and lay in it.

Such a stinker.

It's seriously SO weird the think that we haven't even had her for a whole year,
but I don't remember what life was like without her.
It totally feels like we've always had her.

I'd say it was a successful mother/daughter day.
We were both worn out and ready for a nap.

Tomorrow I'm getting together with a few of my girlfriends for a MUCH
needed girls night! I'm way too excited about it.

Happy Hump Day y'all! 


Celebrating Mom & Lipstick Reviews.

On Saturday we headed over to my parents to celebrate my moms birthday.

Before I get started i'm in DESPERATE need of a great matte red lipstick,
anyone have any suggestions?!
I'm not a big fan of shiny/gloss so I definitely want a matte, and one that actually STAYS on!

Now back to todays post...

Top: ShopMCE
Skirt: Tobi [it has pockets!!!]
Scarf: Forever21
Boots: LuLus

I'm BEYOND thankful that Kyle and I both have awesome families.
Of course there are always some crazies mixed in with the extended members,
but we both have been SO blessed with pretty amazing immediate families that we LOVE spending time with.

What better way to get the day started than with a family selfie?!
haha my sister got herself a "selfie stick" and gosh they are so much fun!!
A little embarrassing sure...but so fun! 

Kyle and Jonathan KNOW that there will always be some
sort of photo shoot when we all get together.
And although they CANT stand photos they are pretty good sports about it.
Actually, theres always a lot of complaining, but Tara and I always seem to get the job done.

Once my mamaw got to the house we all piled up [in 2 cars] and headed to Jimmy Changas!
A super yummy mexican restaurant that has THE best queso ever.
Y'all...I have been SO good on eating healthier lately..
but I totally caved. I can't even lie to y'all because I caved BAD.
so.much.queso. was eaten.
But hey, I never said I was taking it completely out of my diet...
Oh well, It was thoroughly enjoyed.

After our late lunch we headed back to the house for some dessert and chill time.
Then we all decided to go see American Sniper.
WOW talk about an incredible movie, it's also extremely heartbreaking...
But I would still definitely suggest it to anyone.
Major props to all of you wives/families of soldiers,
I honestly can't even imagine what you go through on a day to day basis.
I'll definitely be keeping all of our soldiers and their families in my prayers more regularly.

Happy Monday and Happy MLK Day!
[weird those are also my initials]

xoxo, Monica


New Beginnings.

First things first.
We're going over there tomorrow to celebrate, 
so you'll hear all about her birthday on Monday!

Top: Windsor Store
Jacket: Tillys
Jeans: Kohls
Booties: LuLus
Necklace: ShopMCE
Bag: Ross

So I have officially decided to become a...

Part Time BabySitter!!!!
Since Kyle and I are wanting to buy a house in the near future,
I figured I might as well find a way to bring in a little extra cash!

And what's better than having TWO jobs that I love?!
It's just a part time job because that's definitely all I have time for.
And the family lives pretty close to us which is a HUGE plus.
Basically, I'll be picking the little boy up from the bus stop and 
helping him get his homework done and then we can do fun stuff until the parents get home!

My first day is the 26th and i'm pretty excited about it!
Oh and by the way I HIGHLY suggest Care.com
I received a TON of messages from families needing childcare within hours.
So if babysitting/nannying is your thing and you aren't on there, DO IT NOW.

This week FLEW by.
Which I'm definitely not complaining about, I'm so ready for the weekend.
Who's got exciting plans this weekend?!

xoxo, Monica


Who's ready for a BLOG SALE?!

Shipping within the US only!
(shipping is an additional $3)
Leave a comment with your paypal email if you want something and I will send you an invoice.
Also, the prices listed are the LOWEST I will go, so no negotiating ladies ;] 

Now get to shopping!

Button Detail Tank
Size Small

Adorable High Low Sweater (worn once)
Size Small

Striped Tank
Size small (wouldn't suggest it if you have a bigger bust)

Navy Polka Dot Blouse

ADORABLE Magenta Crop Top
size small

ZARA heels (NEVER worn)
size 8

Cute Top with scarf attached
size small

Floral Top

Leopard Crop top/bralette

Ombre crochet tank
size small

"It's a Wrap" Dress
Never worn size small 

Tie back floral tank
size small

Olive top with leather pocket

Grey and back pocket top

Lace back sunflower top

This chevron dress is adorable with a GREAT fit.
I've only worn it once
has belt loops, would like perfect with a skinny black waist belt

Little Grey Tank 
size XS/small

Leave a comment or email me if you're interested in something!!

It's ALMOST the weekenddddd! 

I've got A LOT more where these came from 
so just be patient with me while I get them ready to post! 

xoxo, Monica