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Top: ShopMCE Jeans: LuLu's Shoes: Nordstrom

Happy Tuesday!
I'm in a G R EA T mood this week because Kyle & I get to go in a mini vacation this weekend.
Kyle's cousin Corey is turning 30 and celebrating by having a bunch of friends/family 
get together and renting a house on the Frio river.
(praise the Lawd)
I'm long overdue for a vacation.

But anyways, let's chat about this outfit.
Every single time I wear these jeans I get tons of compliments.
It never fails, people always say how cute they are or ask where there from etc.
Well, my friends, they're from LuLu*s and the brand is BlankNYC.
They fit bigger, so size down, and i'll be honest and admit they do stretch out a bit throughout the day.
BUT they're really too cute to pass up.
These shoes were spotted on one of my favorite bloggers and I just HAD to get them.
If y'all don't follow Ashley, you must go do so right.this.instant.
She is such a sweet girl and truly has the best sense of style.
Whenever i'm in a funk I always find myself looking to her for a little outfit inspo.

This top is an oldie but a goodie.
It's from my store and I still love it just as much as the day it first came in.
I've always been a peplum fanatic, and I don't really ever see that changing.
I'm sure peplum styles will change throughout the years but I just can't see it leaving us for good.
To me, it's just so classic and cute, to others maybe not. 
But hey, to each their own ;)

Hope y'all are proud of me for blogging 2 consecutive days in a row HA!
Who knows, maybe i'll knock out a full week!

Hope you beauties have a great day!

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