Another day of pumpkins

Sunday was actually a pretty random day for us.
We had originally planned on going out on the boat - 
but ended up meeting up with some friends to watch football instead!
We went to Luke's Icehouse and watched the Saints game with 2 other couples.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous so we sat outside 
and got to enjoy the cool air while we watched the game!
After eating a ridiculous amount of fried foods we decided to change up the scenery!

We headed to a little place called Kung Fu and kept the party going.
After a few drinks the girls ended up convincing the boys to take us to 
[what we thought would be] a pumpkin patch farm,
Well - let's just say it definitely was NOT a pumpkin patch farm lol
But we still managed to snap a few cute pics with pumpkins!

Although there were a few mishaps - it was a great day.
Love these friends of ours!! 

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