Welcome to my little space on the internet.
I used to be one of those amazing bloggers that had a super interesting post every single day.
Yes, EVERY day. I used to even post on the weekends ladies.
[talk about commitment]

Well, things have changed a bit around here!
I'm a wife, a puppy mother, and a business owner.

You'll read a lot about my handsome husband, Kyle.

And my precious angel Charley.
(yes, she's a girl with a "boy" name. Sue me)
I'm absolutely obsessed with her, and if you would like to join in
on the obsession you can follow her on instagram

You'll also see a good amount of Outfit Posts!

I'm the owner of Monica's Closet Essentials, 
I started out as an online store only but just recently (April 2016) opened my own little store space,
You should probably hop over there right now and spend a ridiculous amount of money.

Every now and then you'll get a recipe and a work out post.
I'm no betty crocker but I do attempt to cook every now and then.

I wouldn't consider myself a health freak,
However I am about working out and eating well...BUT
I thoroughly enjoy chips & queso, dominos pizza, and never ending margaritas.

Thanks for stopping by, I'm so happy you're here!
Comments are always fun, so leave me one so we can become friends.

xoxo, Monica 

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