Alright y’all, I have been on the hunt for a safe self tanner, and I think I may have found us one!!
Now, I am not a doctor and cannot say that this is 100% safe for all pregnant women.
After looking over the ingredients and talking with some friends in the medical field,
I feel totally comfortable using it myself!
However, I would recommend waiting until you’re out of your first trimester!
{If you’re unsure, ALWAYS ask your doctor before you use something new}

Alright let’s get into this!!

I’ve always been able to hold a tan pretty well and for a good amount of time.
However, being pregnant, I just couldn’t stand the Texas heat towards the end of this Summer.
Which means my skin didn’t get quite as bronzed as it usually does,
And now I’m majorly needing some sun in my life.
BUT it’s winter so…that just aint happening.
I’ve got some exciting events coming up, like maternity photos and baby showers,
and really want to look my best!
So of course, I reached out to all of you asking if any of you know of any SAFE self tanners
for pregnant mamas!

I was so excited when my sweet friend Erin reached out to me with this product!
I tested it out as soon as it came in, and I’m 100% happy with the results!!

It comes in the form of a spray bottle so it’s pretty easy to use and apply!
I also love the fact that it’s a gradual forming tan and not an immediate color change,
I always feel like the immediate tans turn orange and look really fake.
I don’t have a before and after picture {yet} because I want to use it a few times,
but y’all I think I’m REALLY going to love this stuff!!
If you’re interested in snagging some for yourself just head over to my friends
facebook page >> HERE and feel free to ask her any questions!!

Happy Tuesday!!

Sheesh how is it already Monday?!
We were pretty busy this weekend, so of course it feels like it was JUST Friday.
One of my very best friends had a cute little “I Do BBQ” on Saturday,
so Kyle and I hopped over there to celebrate for a few hours!
I actually ended up changing my top last minute,
but this is a super cute look as well – I’m a huge fan of mixing prints!!
Stripes and leopard print are always a big YES in my book.

The BBQ was at this adorable place called Spindletap Brewery,
If you’ve never been I HIGHLY recommend going!
I got super crazy and had a sip of champagne, haha!
It was so much fun seeing and catching up with everyone,
but it didn’t take long for my feet to start swelling and feel super uncomfortable.
This was the first and probably the last time I attempt to wear pumps while pregnant.

We got home around 6 and were totally ready for bed haha
This time change has got us all kinds of confused with how dark it’s been getting!
We worked on the nursery a lot on Sunday and I’m SO excited to share it with y’all.
I think I’m going to wait and do a big reveal on here once it’s completely finished,
but don’t worry you’ll see small glimpses every now and then on Insta stories!!

I’ve got a fun post for y’all tomorrow, sharing a new self tanner I’ve discovered!
So make sure you hop back over to say hi and check it out!!
Have a great Monday y’all!

Happy Friday!!
I’m SO behind on posts this week, but I have so many exciting collaborations
coming to the blog soon!
Y’all have really been loving my Friday Favorites posts so I wanted to
put one together for y’all even if it’s super short and sweet! 

// Top // Jeans // Vest (old) linked similar ones below // Converse //

Today’s post is all about one of my favorite accessory pieces, VESTS!
I’m sharing some super cute vests that I already own, as well as some major
must have vests that I’ve got my eye on!!
Each vest image is shoppable, just click on the vest you love and it will
take you directly to their site to purchase!!

When shopping for vests I always tend to stick to neutral colors,
I think I do this so I know I can create lots of different looks with it!
I’m dying over the olive vest from Nordstom, seriously such a good deal!!
Which vest is your favorite?!
Do you have a request for a future Friday Favorites post?! Let me know!!

We survived Monday y’all, but it kind of feels like it should be Thursday already…
These weeks either completely fly by, or seem to last forever!

Fun Fact:
 I used this shirt to announce our pregnancy to Kyle’s grandparents!
Another fun fact: They didn’t notice it all night and I ended up having to point it out. HA!
I’m not lying when I say that I wear this shirt multiple times a week,
not only is it perfect for announcing your pregnancy, it’s also the perfect comfy & cute tee
when you want to just “throw something on”.
The price is pretty great too – have no fear I’ve linked my entire outfit for y’all below the photos!
This cardigan has been my “go to” outerwear lately, and I’m like REAL close to ordering it
in more colors! The best part? It’s under $30!!
These white jeans have been my fav for years now but they’re no longer available,
but I linked some other super cute white jean options for y’all!

// Tee // Cardigan // Jeans (old) linked cute options below // Booties //

Kyle and I finally ordered a crib and this whole baby thing is all becoming so much more real!
We spent a good amount of time this weekend painting it (non toxic/extra safe paint of course)
and I can’t wait to get it set up in the nursery and show y’all!
Most of our nursery items are on our registry so we’ll have to wait a little while to start decorating.
BUT I have ordered the crib and changing table/dresser so I’ll definitely be giving y’all
a little sneak peek during the “setting up” process.
If you didn’t get a chance to watch my Insta stories yesterday I asked for some book suggestions for
pregnancy/new mamas! Some of you responded with your fav books and a TON of you
responded asking me to do a post on all of the suggestions I received!
So if any of you reading this have book suggestions I can add to the list I would
love you forever!!

Have a great Tuesday y’all!!

Happy Monday Y’all!!
I have been DYNG to share this outfit with all of you.
If you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw the sneak peek that I posted yesterday!
I wore this outfit to one of my best friends 30th birthday outings on Saturday,
& I’m totally in love with everything about it.

Okay, let’s get down to business…
I scored this cropped sweater years ago but I linked a bunch of SUPER cute cropped
sweater options for y’all below! This fitted skirt is from ShopPinkBlush, and it’s
unbelievably soft and stretchy! Every item I’ve received from PinkBlush has seriously been so comfy!
The majority of my maternity clothing is from there, and I HIGHLY recommend ordering
from them if you haven’t already. They carry non maternity as well!

Anddddd, last but not least…THESE BOOTS THOUGH.
I received SO many messages when I posted these on Insta stories!
They are hands down the best OTK boots I have ever purchased,
and I can absolutely promise you that you WILL NOT regret ordering yourself a pair.
I wore them all night long and they do not fall whatsoever, and they are super comfortable.
My feet have been killing me since being pregnant and I am honestly SO shocked
to say that my feet felt great on Saturday night.
These boots were like totally/seriously/100% made for walkin’ y’all!
PS: Use code “INSTA14” for $30 off!!

// Sweater (old) // Skirt // Boots //

Kyle’s cousin Krissa is one of my very best friends and she turns 30 this week!!
She’s going to be out of town this coming weekend so a bunch of us girls planned
a fun little girls night out for her to celebrate!
It was the first time I’ve actually been “out out” since being pregnant, and oh what an experience it was! haha. Can’t even begin to tell y’all the funny stares and judgmental looks that came my way.
At the end of the night I was standing outside waiting for Kyle to pick me up and
I even caught this girl taking a picture of me!! I noticed her and the group she was with pointing at us, I guess they’ve never seen a pregnant person out past 10pm before? *rolls eyes*
So awkward.
My sweet {and feisty} soon to be sister in law saw the girl do it and ran over and put her in her place.
Needless to say, this mama to be was a tad out of her element, and slightly uncomfortable.
BUT we had such a fun night and I would do it 100x over again for my babe Krissa!
Birthday girl and me are pictured below.

Is Thanksgiving next week already?!
I cannot believe it…time to start preparing and also get some Christmas shopping done!