I’m going to be completely honest and say that I’ve literally been dying to wear this coat again.

It couldn’t be any more fabulous, Kyle got me another [identical] one in cream for Christmas!!

I’m sure I’ll be doing a post wearing that one very, very soon.

Coat: Xenia

Sweater: Necessary Clothing [similar]

Skirt: Tobi [similar]

Tights: walmart

Booties: DSW

Scarf: ShopMCE 

Bag: Ross

Kyle and I headed over to my parents around noon on Christmas Eve!

We got there and all opened presents, and then left for lunch at Perrys.

At lunch I decided to get something I haven’t had in FOREVER.

It was definitely a good decision, my mouths watering just looking at this picture.

Bar B Q Stuffed Baked Potatos are DAYUM GOOD y’all.

After stuffing ourselves 

we went back to the house to try and sleep off our food coma before church.

(and to take some selfies of course)

We all had a little nap then headed off to church!

All of us!

My sister and I with our sweet Mamaw.

We had such an awesome Christmas Eve, 

Kyle and I sure are blessed with some amazing families.


Sheesh, last week was busy!

On Tuesday Kyle and I headed to the other side of town to go out to dinner

with his WHOLE entire big family.

Dress: Tillys.com

Vest: ShopConversationPieces.com [similar]

Tights: Walmart [duh]

Booties: DSW

Bag: LuLus [on sale!]

Scarf: forever21

Kyle and I have been looking into buying a house and I found one online that I fell in love

with a couple nights before. So we contacted a realtor and decided to go check it out on our way!

Of course it looked A LOT bigger and better online, but it was still a pretty house,

not quite what we are looking for though.

After that, we dropped Charley off at her grandmas and then stopped by 

 our friends [Phil & Rachel] place who just had a baby!

He was such a doll, ugh seriously too cute for words.

After meeting Conlan we headed off to go “freshen up” for dinner!

We all went to a mexican restaurant and had a blast.

I LOVE it so much when everyone can get together, Kyle has a big/close family.

And I love that I’m so close with everyone as well. 


After dinner, 

Kyle and I headed back to our house because the next day [Christmas Eve]

was being spent with my family!

You’ll get to hear alllllll about that tomorrow ;] 

xoxo, Monica

Top: ShopMCE

Jeans: Kohls [similar]

Shoes: DSW [old]

Scarf: ShopMCE [black here]

I am SO in love with this top. I’ve only worn it twice and both times I’m always thinking,
“why on earth don’t I wear this more often?!”
It’s the perfect mix between casual and cute and it’s SUPER comfy.
And this scarf y’all…it’s one of my go to scarves when I need to accessorize or add a pop of color.
Unfortunately I’m sold out of red, but the black is equally as cute AND will go with any outfit!!

I’m kind of in shock that it’s only Tuesday…yesterday was SUCH a long day for me.
I also can’t believe there are only NINE more days until Christmas!!
Sheesh, that came quick! Too bad I still sweat when I go outside 🙁
Houston, get it together.

Until next time…
[which let’s be honest, could be tomorrow, or could be in 3 weeks]

xoxo, Monica

Sheesh am I behind on my blogging game!

I’ve been having this weird love/hate relationship with my blog lately.

Deep inside I really want to blog, but I have been SO lazy on getting posts written and up.

But this week I’m going to try and catch myself up a little!

So, over Thanksgiving break after spending time with all of our families a bunch of us got together.

[For those of you that don’t know, Kyle has a bunch of cousins that we are REALLY close with, 

we’re basically all besties and hang out any chance we get]

Obviously I don’t even remember what day we all did this because it seems like a decade ago…

but anyways…

A bunch of us all got together and went to Main Event!

It was honestly one of the best days i’ve had in a very long time.
First, we all sat around drinking/playing pool until a lane was open for bowling.
Then we all started bowling (& drinking) competitively of course.
[well the boys at least]
After bowling we all enjoyed some arcade games,
I’m kind of shocked that they are still as fun as they were when I was in elementary school!

After bowling a few of the girls left to go get some drinks and order pizza for us
because we were all going to one of their houses afterwards.
While they left we played a quick game of laser tag!
Y’all….I wouldn’t mind paying laser tag every day for the rest of my life…
haha! I seriously forgot how much fun it is!

After we finished we all headed back to Andrea’s house.
Ate lots and lots of pizza, drank some beer, and played some hilarious games.
Have y’all ever played “heads up” on your iPhone?!
We literally played for hours and I don’t think I have EVER laughed that hard in years.
For those of you that don’t know, Rachel [the other girl with the top bun] was literally 9 months pregnant!
She has had the perfect pregnancy [thank God] and has been such a trooper hanging out with everyone all the time/going out/staying up late/ etc!

And they finally had their perfect baby boy this past Tuesday!!
His name is Conlan James and he is honestly perfect, Kyle and I are hoping to go visit REAL soon.

I am SO ready for Christmas “break” and just getting to relax and spend time with people we love!

One more week!!!

Have a fabulous Monday everyone!

xoxo, Monica

What a perfect weekend this was…

Chambray: JC Penny [similar]

Skirt: Forever21

Belt: Kate Spade [similar]

Tights: Windsor Store

Shoes: Forever21 [similar]

Snapped a pic with my sweet girl before heading over to my parents!

My perfect little family of 3.

This Thanksgiving weekend was seriously THE BEST.
All 4 days were spent with friends and family,
Unfortunately I was having too much fun to take pictures, but those are the best days right?!

On Thursday Kyle and I headed over to my parents to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family.
I made my VERY first pumpkin pie and to my surprise it was actually pretty good!

After stuffing our faces and visiting with family for a few hours,
we all agreed to meet up for a movie later!
So Kyle and I went home, took a nap, and hung out with Charley.
Then we left to go meet my family to see Gone Girl!

Oh my word y’all, SUCH a crazy movie!
Like seriously I don’t know how people come up with that stuff!
I would definitely recommend it.

So that ends our Thanksgiving Day.
The rest of the weekend was spent with Kyles family!
I’ll share more about that tomorrow!

Happy Tuesday y’all.

xoxo, Monica