Jeans: Paige Denim via Nordstrom

Sandals: Forever21

Y’all….I am exhausted.

How come no one ever told me how tiring it is to be a wife?

AND the mother to a crazy pup?

Like MAJOR props to all you stay at home moms, 

because Lord knows you don’t just chill all day 

snacking on cheetos and watching real housewives.

I’m not exactly a stay at home mom because I own a business where I WORK from home,

and I don’t have any children.

But I DO have a 10 week old puppy which can be the same as having a 2 yr old at times.

Now don’t get me wrong I am in LOVE with being a wife.

It’s actually a lot of fun, 

you get to have sleep overs with your best friend (that’s super hott) every night!

it’s not ALL fun and games, especially when you realize that groceries triple in cost, 

laundry doubles, and the cleaning NEVER ends.

But it’s all worth it. 

I really can’t complain at all, my husband surprised me with the most adorable puppy

that I have been BEGGING him for this past year.

She can be SUCH a pain, and she is SO much work,

but she is so freaking cute it kills me.

She’ll bite the crap out of me and ruin something I love and

then go do something so sweet and innocent

like chase a butterfly around outside with the biggest puppy smile 

and my heart just melts.

She’s definitely got me wrapped around her little puppy paw.

Is it just me or do most people gain weight at the beginning of marriage?

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much in my life…

Kyle is ALWAYS hungry, and I’m not kidding when I say always.

We’ll have a HUGE meal and literally, LITERALLY one hour later he’s starving again.

I feel like I’m gaining sympathy weight, like you know when guys gain weight when their wife is pregnant….

Except it’s the opposite and no ones pregnant, I’m just gluttonous. 

Lord help me…

Everyone keeps telling me that having this little pup is GREAT training for a real baby,

is that true? or do people just say that?


(My beautiful mother!)

haha love this one!

the best parents a girl could ask for!

Mamas girl <3

My Daddy!!!

Obviously I’m not posting every single photo because there were about 900!

It’s so fun sharing my pictures with y’all, it’s like I get to re-live the day over again.

For all my engaged followers ENJOY the time being engaged!

EVERY one told me that all the time but I was SO ready to just be married,

and I LOVE being Kyles wife more than anything, 

but it does kind of makes me sad seeing all of these other girls wedding planning,

because mine went by CRAZY fast. 

At the time of course it felt SUPER slow, but now that I look back 

September 22-February 9th was a complete blur, the days just flew by!

and now what the heck am I supposed to do with my wedding pinterest board?!


You spend SO much time pinning to that particular board while you’re engaged, 

and then you get married and have no clue what to do with your life.

not really, but you know what I mean.

Tomorrow you’ll see our reception pics and then I need to fill y’all 

in on what it’s like AFTER the wedding! 

<3 <3 <3

Have a great day!!

So in love with all of our wedding photos!

Can’t wait to show you more tomorrow!!!

I’ll post pics of the outdoor decor and ME walking down the aisle!

Ah, Can we go back to this day please? They arent lying when they say


<3 <3 <3



Jeans: TJ Maxx

Booties: Zara

Necklace: Forever21

One of my besties and her boyfriend invited Kyle and I to the rodeo
and we were soooo excited!
I could go to the rodeo every night, I just LOVE it!
We all met at a little mexican spot called Chachos, they are well known for their
cheap & STRONG margaritas, and excellent nachos!
Afterwards we hopped in the car together and headed to the rodeo!

We had SO much fun! 

The seats were awesome and Jake Owens performance was SO good!

After the rodeo we walked around and played same games and ate some corn dogs!

It was such a fun night and I’m sooooo sad that the rodeo is pretty much over 🙁

We definitely have to go more next year.

It’s so weird that Kyle and I have a “baby” now.

Like I HATE leaving her and worry the entire time when we go somewhere.

Thankfully I work from home so she gets a lot of playing time during the day,

but geez she is a hand full! 

But she’s literally the cutest pup in the entire world so even though she can be a pain,

her cuteness makes up for it all <3

Oh and our wedding photos FINALLY came in!

Eeeeee can’t wait to show y’all tomorrow!!!