Charley Girl Meets the Fam!

Did I tell y’all that Charley got herself an instagram?!

GO follow her!!!


like…this is my life, almost lost a lip for this picture.


Denim Jacket:

Jeans: Forever 21


This Saturday my parents and sister and brother n law

came over to meet little Charley girl!!

They all just adored her!

Tara and Jonathan brought Sammy over and he wasn’t too fond of her…

He’s a little socially awkward and had no clue what to do,

so he just sprinted away any time she came close to him!

Luckily I managed to snap this picture where it looks like they’re actually friends!

After playing we all went to lunch and then to shop around at

Bass Pro Shop…obviously we went for the boys.

But Tara and I both ended up buying something!

Family days are always the best.


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