Weekend Getaway/Blog Sale

A couple weekends ago we headed to San Antonio to visit our friends!
We had so much fun, it was Charleys very first road trip..
and of course she peed in the car within the first 5 minutes.

But how can you get mad at this precious face?!

As soon as we got there we got some pretty great news!

My beautiful friend is PREGNANT!

We are beyond excited for them, they have the most precious little girl 

and I can’t wait for them to have another adorable little baby!

On Saturday we all headed to the Farmers market with the pups and baby!

Cant even handle her cuteness!

There were SO many people there and everyone just loved Charley!

We were stopping every 5 seconds so people could pet her and ask us about her.

She got a little overwhelmed so she insisted I carry her.

Afterwards we all headed back to the house because the boys needed to cut this big tree down.

Obviously us girls just soaked in the sun while the boys worked…

Avery and Charley became the best of friends that weekend!

It was unbelievably precious.

It was such a fun weekend and we CAN’T wait to go visit again!
Going back to San Antonio always makes me so sad because I miss it like crazy.
Maybe one day Kyle and I will move back…ya never knowwwww!

In other news… Kyle has officially called me a clothes hoarder 10x in one week,

so I think it might be time for another blog sale!!
Keep checking back because you might score yourself
some cute clothes from my very own closet!


  1. April 10, 2014 / 5:51 pm

    Omggg… your puppy is adorable!!
    I haven't visited your blog since you got married so I need to catch up on everything haha

  2. April 10, 2014 / 7:11 pm

    Ahhh goldens are my FAVORITE! Golden puppies I just can't get enough of. love love love She is too stinkin cute. That is too cute that she lets you hold her like that. hahah

  3. April 13, 2014 / 5:56 pm

    Charley is getting so big already 🙂 I can't wait to get my fiance a golden retriever pup once we move into our own place, they are the best dogs!
    Hopefully I can score some of your closet goodies, I love your style!

  4. April 14, 2014 / 2:37 am

    Oh how fun!! Charley is so freaking cute 😀 I really think that we need another dog.. ha ha!

  5. April 14, 2014 / 4:55 am

    Charley is killing me! Cutest dog ever. I can't wait to get a golden of my own some day..

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