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Last weekend Kyle & I went to our good friends baby gender reveal party!
It was set up SO cute, and made me REAL excited for when it’s our turn :]

Phil actually ended up proposing to Rachel right before the reveal and it was TOO cute.
They were getting ready to open the box of balloons and they opened it and a bunch
of yellow balloons were coming out, phil started getting down on one knee
while rachel was still digging in the box searching for the colored balloons.
Then she FINALLY realized what was happening and it was beyond precious.
I am SO happy for them.
Oh and they’re having a perfect baby boy!!

It really is so much fun watching all of your friends “grow up” and start families of their own.
I feel like every single one of my friends is either engaged, married or pregnant right now,
and hey I’m not mad about it!

I can’t wait until me and Kyle buy our own house so we can start making our little family!!
<3 <3 <3 Happy Thursday Ladies, the week is ALMOST over!!!

xoxo, Monica

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The 2nd night we were there we got to go on a double date night [plus a baby]

I’m so mad at myself for not getting a picture with Anna when we were
both dressed in something besides a t shirt and shorts!
Oh well, ya live & ya learn.

We went to a delicious mexican restaurant and had a great time.
I mean how could it not be great when there are margaritas involved?!

Once we got back to the house I had the pleasure of feeding the baby…

That thing seriously melted my heart every time I looked at him.

xoxo, Monica

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Whenever Kyle travels for work I LOVE to tag along,

especially when it’s to San Antonio!

We have some friends there so it’s always fun getting to visit them.
It was especially fun this time because they are raising a baby deer!
I was beyond excited to meet the little guy, and so interested to see how Charley would act!
The first night we got there Kyle was supposed to have a work dinner but it got cancelled,
so we got to go out to dinner! Which was nice because his work paid for it.
The next day I dropped Kyle off at work and headed over to my friend Annas,
I was a little too excited to meet this little baby deer…
WAY too many selfies were taken.

I got to bottle feed him and everything, goshhh my heart melted.

After obsessing over the deer I got to bond with my sweet girl, Avery!

She’s seriously the cutest. 

Anna and I took her to the park for a little play time and she loved it!

We finally decided to introduce Charley to the baby deer and I think

she was just as obsessed with him as I was!

Literally, followed him around every where and wouldn’t leave him alone.

It was precious.

Every now and then her naughty side came out though…

Can’t handle the cuteness…<3

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Sundays are for brunches with my 2 favorite girlfriends.

It started out with just us 3, and then turned into a group of 6.

Liz invited one of her friends to join, and Jenn’s old roommate happened

to be walking around downtown with her mom so they hopped over to say hi

and hang out as well!

obviously we had to snap a mirror pic before. 

We had wayyyy too much fun…

and by “wayyyy” I mean we got there at noon and didn’t leave till 6:00….

We took about 800 pictures and these were the 2 that turned out decent…

Why does that always seem to happen?!

Well, it’s officially Monday and time to get back to work!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!

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[This was supposed to be posted yesterday, whoopsie!]

Yesterday was my sweet Charleys half birthday!

I can’t believe she is already 6 months old.

I seriously can’t believe I grew up without dogs.

I love her more than I ever thought I could, and I can’t imagine my life without her!

Thank God for pups.

We decided to take her to the dog park when Kyle got home from work

as a little birthday gift.

This is afterwards, which is why her face is so dirty.

There were SO many people/dogs there!

I’ve gotta start taking her more often,

She was the youngest by far and it was so funny to see how clumsy and slow

she was compared to the full grown dogs.

She had the time of her life and has been taking LOTS of naps today.

<3 <3 <3

So I mentioned “Wifey Points” in the title.

Well I found this “healthy” recipe on pinterest that I’ve been dying to make!

It’s from Skinnytaste.com and it’s called

Eggplant Rollatini

and it looks like this…YUM right?!

[Click the picture for the full recipe]

I decided to make zucchini fries for a side dish because we both

LOVE zucchini.

This recipe is from Pauledeen.com

[Click the picture for the full recipe]

I should’ve taken pictures while we were in the process of cooking,

but I didn’t.

But this is how MY eggplant rollatini turned out!

I may or may not have added A LOT of extra cheese…

And dinner is served…

I was nervous Kyle wasn’t going to like it because there’s no meat in it.

Just spinach and cheese!

Well he took his first bite and says “it’s pretty good!”

Which as we all know can mean a lot of things…like… 

“please never cook this again”, “am I going to have to eat all of this?”, “Lord help me”

or it may actually mean that it’s good!

Well lucky me, as he kept eating I kept hearing things like,

“Wow this is actually REALLY good!!”

So GO me!!

The one mistake we did make with the zucchini fries was cutting them too thick,

they were good but some weren’t quite as crispy!

So make sure you cut them nice and thin for more crispiness ;]

Let me know if you try out this recipe!

Who would’ve though that eggplant was so delicious?!


Have a great weekend ladies.

xoxo, Monica