This weekend was full of junk food and netflix.

Kyle finally got back from Oklahoma Saturday morning and was absolutely exhausted.

I was tired too after a long week without him so we took full advantage of our big comfy couch.

But after a weekend full of being lazy we both needed a night out of the house!


Jeans: Hudson via Nordstrom




When Kyle goes out of town for a long time he knows he owes me a good date night.

We went to our favorite mexican restaurant by the house and I may have had 1 too many margaritas.

You know you picked the right one when you go to dinner with your husband,

and you laugh so hard your abs are sore the next morning.

We had a pretty fun date…

 sometimes life, friends, family, work, stress and

other things can make date nights a little less fun than normal.

But yesterday nothing could have brought us down.

We had some pretty great conversations, and cracked a lot of jokes.

I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

Unfortunately he denied me when I tried to take a typical car selfie with him,

ya win some ya lose some.

I love that kid wayyyyy too much. 

Oh and here’s a little transformation Tuesday for ya…

She’s soooo grown up!!!!!

My sweet little angel pup. 


Happy Tuesday!!

xoxo, Monica

Please excuse the terrible quality iPhone pictures, 

sometimes you just gotta work with what you got!

This outfit was worn a little over a week ago when Kyle and I were in San Antonio.
Jeans: Nordstrom (similar)

I could not be any happier that it’s FRIDAY!
Kyle has been out of town for work ALL week and I absolutely hate it when he’s gone.
But he’s COMING HOMEEE! Thank God, he owes me a super hot date night soon.

Charley and I have really really missed him.
She is SUCH a daddys girl, it’s ridiculous.

So, on another note.
I’m currently on a health kick,
“currently” meaning I decided today I’m going on a health kick.
I may have tacked on a few pounds since getting married and I may
barely ever go to the gym anymore…This needs to change.
And it needs to change immediately.

I think my main problem is dinner, It seems like the only easy week night dinners
I make are completely full of fattening ingredients.
All of the healthy recipes I find are just too much work.
So my question for you is…
What are some of your favorite, EASY, and healthy week night meals?!

I’m begging for your help…

xoxo, Monica

This past weekend was beyond great.

My sister in laws boyfriends family has a lake house on Canyon lake near San Antonio!

So Kyle and I, 

Kyle’s little sister [Michelle] & her boyfriend [Alex], 

& Kyle’s little brother [Bryan] & his girlfriend [Skye]

ALLLLL packed up and headed there for the weekend!

We got there late Friday night and played card games and laughed ’till we cried.

the next morning we floated the river, and then went out on the boat that afternoon.

Kyle’s family used to own a boat and we basically lived on it during the Summers.

His papa sold it a while ago and it has been YEARS since Kyle or I have enjoyed being on a boat wakeboarding and doing fun boat things!

Him and I were both way too excited.

On Sunday we woke up early and spent the entire morning and afternoon on the boat!

It was perfect.

We all got a little wake boarding in & we definitely all got some sun!

Me & Michelle

Me & Skye

The greatest couple you’ll ever meet.

The girls! 


The house we stayed at was absolutely stunning, 

Kyle and I got to stay in the master suite!

Perks of being the only married couple.

This was our view from our bedroom window…SO relaxing.

Kyle and I are definitely hoping and praying that once we’re older we’ll be able to afford

a nice lake house, gosssshhhhh it was SO great!!

Happy Hump Day!

xoxo, Monica

Top: [lots of other colors available]

Jeans: Paige Denim via Nordstrom



How cute is this off shoulder top?

These kind of tops are definitely my favorite.

They can be worn casual or dressy and are way too comfortable to look this good!

I’ve got other colors available online but they are going FAST!

Happy Thursday!!!

The week is almost over, geez am I really thankful for coffee today.

A few weekends ago I discovered cinnamon roll creamer and it changed my life.

Literally the best thing ever.

I feel like I never talk about Charley on here…

Probably because I post enough pictures and videos on mine [and her] instagram

daily that I feel like if I talk about her on here every one will start hating me, haha.

She’s the greatest, I really never realized how much I could possibly love her.

She’s actually eating the rug right now so I gotta cut this short…haha

Have a great day girls!!!

xoxo, Monica


Jeans: Paige Denim via Nordstrom (similar)


How come no one warned me that all of my money would disappear when I grew up?
Gosh, paying bills is so lame.
It’s not only lame, it’s also stressful and depressing.

Kyle and I are currently renting right now,
and ever since the break in I honestly can’t wait to get out.
I know break ins can happen anywhere and it was probably just random bad luck,
but still, I do not feel comfortable here at all anymore.

Can someone just loan us a couple 100k?!
Wouldn’t that be convenient?!

One bummer about owning your own business is you can’t get approved for a loan
until after you’ve been in business for 2 years, so that’s also holding us back!

Kyle really wants to live out on land somewhere,
I would like land also, but I want to live close to the city as well.
Working from home makes you realize how desperately you NEED errands to run,
and a gym to actually go too.
I also don’t want to be too far away from family.

I guess this is what happens when you get married,
life decisions start happening, and they aren’t as easy to make as you would think!
Unless if you have an unlimited money supply of course.

If you could just be praying for us that would be awesome!
I’m desperate for us to get out of the house we’re in now,
so prayers for us to find the perfect home that we both love and that’s in a good location.
And of course for me to be at peace in this home until we are able to find a new one.

Happy hump day ladies, and thanks for being so awesome <3

xoxo, Monica