This weekend was full of junk food and netflix.

Kyle finally got back from Oklahoma Saturday morning and was absolutely exhausted.

I was tired too after a long week without him so we took full advantage of our big comfy couch.

But after a weekend full of being lazy we both needed a night out of the house!


Jeans: Hudson via Nordstrom




When Kyle goes out of town for a long time he knows he owes me a good date night.

We went to our favorite mexican restaurant by the house and I may have had 1 too many margaritas.

You know you picked the right one when you go to dinner with your husband,

and you laugh so hard your abs are sore the next morning.

We had a pretty fun date…

 sometimes life, friends, family, work, stress and

other things can make date nights a little less fun than normal.

But yesterday nothing could have brought us down.

We had some pretty great conversations, and cracked a lot of jokes.

I haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

Unfortunately he denied me when I tried to take a typical car selfie with him,

ya win some ya lose some.

I love that kid wayyyyy too much. 

Oh and here’s a little transformation Tuesday for ya…

She’s soooo grown up!!!!!

My sweet little angel pup. 


Happy Tuesday!!

xoxo, Monica

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