Short and Sweet Thursday.

Top: [lots of other colors available]

Jeans: Paige Denim via Nordstrom



How cute is this off shoulder top?

These kind of tops are definitely my favorite.

They can be worn casual or dressy and are way too comfortable to look this good!

I’ve got other colors available online but they are going FAST!

Happy Thursday!!!

The week is almost over, geez am I really thankful for coffee today.

A few weekends ago I discovered cinnamon roll creamer and it changed my life.

Literally the best thing ever.

I feel like I never talk about Charley on here…

Probably because I post enough pictures and videos on mine [and her] instagram

daily that I feel like if I talk about her on here every one will start hating me, haha.

She’s the greatest, I really never realized how much I could possibly love her.

She’s actually eating the rug right now so I gotta cut this short…haha

Have a great day girls!!!

xoxo, Monica

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