Red Lips and Camo for the win.


Camo Button Up: Forever 21 (old)


So, I titled this “Red Lips & Camo for the win”, 

even though I immediately wiped the red lipstick off after these pics were taken.

I always see girls rocking red lipstick and looking adorable.

I’m super jealous of those girls that can wear it and still look pretty casual.

I, on the other hand…felt like a complete clown.

I honestly couldn’t decide if I was going to re-take these pictures or not,

but of course I was too lazy and somewhat in a hurry so I opted out.

One of my best friends (Maggie) recently moved back to Houston so we decided to have 

a girls night/happy hour/catch up session at one of our favorite restaurants! 

Liz, Maggie and I met at Cyclone Anaya’s in midtown and talked a whole lot,

and laughed until we cried. 

Girls nights are everything.

Date nights with Kyle, and double dates are pretty awesome too.

But girls nights always leave me feeling really happy, 

maybe it’s just the margaritas…

But I sure am thankful for my girlfriends!

Happy Hump Day!!

I think I’ll do some squats today in order to work off 

all the cheese I’ve devoured these past few days!

Speaking of squats I’m going to start posting more about my personal

“fitness and nutrition” routines so be on the look out!! 

xoxo, Monica

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