The 2nd baby shower of the day was for a boy so I decided to do an outfit change.

Baby Conlan James will be arriving early December!! 

[my socks never match, whoops]

Dress: [I’m wearing the XS]

Booties: Zara

Necklace: Kendra Scott

This girl [Rachel] is seriously a super model.

She’s tall, blonde and beautiful and makes me look no older than 13.

I don’t think I have ever seen a cuter baby bump..seriously though.

I met Rachel through Krissa, Krissa is Kyle’s cousin and Rachel is Krissas best friend!

Krissa and I rocking ShopMCE…How good do we look though?! ;] 

You can buy her dress HERE , it also comes in a burgundy color.

I had so much fun celebrating babes this Saturday!
Can’t wait until it’s time to celebrate my own ;] If only our brothers and sisters would hurry up so they can all have cousins to play with!


I’ve been wanting one for a while now and I am already SO in love.

I got to use it a litttttllleee bit last night but I am so so pumped

to play around with it more this week! 


Happy Tuesday!!!

Oh and happy Fall y’all! 

Saturday was a day full of baby showers.

My first one was for a baby girl, baby Rachel Rose will be arriving late December!

Her mom is one of my friends from high school and I was SO excited to celebrate with her.

I had 2 baby showers Saturday, and of course they were on complete opposite sides of town,

one girl and one boy, so of course I had to do a quick outfit change in between.

(I’ll share what I wore to baby boys shower tomorrow)

But here is what I wore for shower number one!

Top: (only $28!)

Jeans: Kohls 


Clutch: (only $25!)

I’m really bummed, because I had to leave early and wasn’t able to get a picture

with the Mom to be.

But I did get a picture with one of my best friends, Jenn! 

Baby showers sure are exhausting, Especially when there’s a lot of driving in between!

I was SO full from snacking all day, 

but had so much fun celebrating with these amazing moms to be!

Happy Monday Y’all! 

xoxo, Monica




How adorable is this sweater/top?!

It just arrived in the shop yesterday and it is so freaking comfortable!

It is finally starting to cool down here in Houston, and I am SO excited about it!

In honor of the somewhat “cooler” weather I decided to make a Fall meal last night!

I found this UH-MAZING recipe on pinterest, of course.

and I’m so excited to share it with y’all!! 

It’s called Slow Cooker Quinoa Chicken Chili!

I’ve never eaten or made quinoa before but I’ve heard great things about it so I 

was super excited to finally try it out!

I also will never turn down a recipe that just asks you to throw everything in a crock pot.

Honestly ladies, this is the simplest and most delicious recipe ever!

You can click here for the full recipe!

I only used 1 can of 14.5 oz tomatoes…because I felt like 28oz was a little much.

 I also added a little extra cumin, because that stuff is the bomb.

This is how mine turned out!


I threw some cheese on top!

You can eat this by itself OR heat up some tortillas and eat it like a taco!

I also recommend buying some scoop chips, 

It was so yummy grabbing a chip and scooping a big chunk of chili in there!

I HIGHLY recommend this recipe,

it does make A LOT though, so if you’re cooking for 2 like me

 be prepared for a lot of left overs! 

Happy Hump Day Y’all!

xoxo, Monica

I definitely wore this exact outfit about a year ago on a date night with Kyle.

Except these jeans are new so I guess you can say I did a little outfit upgrade.

Tank: [similar]

Vest: [similar]

Jeans: [similar]

Booties: Zara

So I recently changed the template of my blog and have been super happy!

That is, until I realized all of my pictures on previous posts are squished/distorted.

I realized that I HAVE to choose the “original size” option when posting pictures,

and sometimes they look fine and sometimes they are MASSIVE and just way too much.

I really need one of you blog design geniuses to help me out! 

I want to be able to choose the size I want the picture to be and have it still appear clear and normal.

I haven’t changed my camera or done anything different so i’m thinking it must be the template I chose?

I’m also really bummed because now every single post i’ve done before I changed the template is 

basically ruined, the pictures are terrible.

Someone PLEASE help, or point me in the right direction to where I can get some help!

Like, I’m begging you…

xoxo, Monica



Booties: Zara [old]

Necklace: Kendra Scott

This girl…like could she be any greater?! Don’t think so.

On Friday my mom and I had a little Mother/Daughter day!

I’ve got TWO baby showers to go too next Saturday 

and they are on completely diff sides of town.

It’s going to be one loooonngggg day for me!

So Friday was spent searching for the perfect gifts for one baby girl and one baby boy!
I’m not going to lie I had WAY too much fun baby shopping,
it got me REAL excited to start shopping for my own little babe when that day comes!

But for now I’ll just focus on my fur daughter…
and all of my friends sweet little babes!

It’s Monday…and I know none of us are too thrilled about that.
But hey, try to make it a good one!

xoxo, Monica