Catching Up and Holding Off.




Last Friday my friends Jenn, Liz and I headed up to the hospital to visit our sweet friend April!

April is pregnant with her first baby and her water broke 5 weeks early,

They managed to hold the baby off for an entire week, unlucky for her she had to 

stay in the hospital the entire time, but we are so thankful her and baby are okay!

She is actually being induced today. 

So if you have time say a little prayer for her and sweet baby Rachel Rose!

All 4 of us went to the same high school and basically grew up together.

It was SO much fun catching up and just talking about how life is now.

We are all SO excited to meed her sweet little girl.

On another note…how cute is my sweater?!

It’s the PERFECT sweater for a casual/comfy day.

It’s loose fitting and you can basically wear it as a dress with tights (like I did)

If you aren’t too tall!

So head on over to my boutique and grab one for yourself!

We have 2 colors available, 

and we also have the SAME top in other colors but it doesn’t fit quite as big.

So go now! >>>>  <3

xoxo, Monica

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  1. December 9, 2014 / 4:24 am

    That sweater is too cute! I love it!
    Congrats to your friend April! My friend went into labor insanely early too, she was able to hold off and have her daughter at 36 weeks.

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