Celebrating NYE.

We actually got to Colorado ON New Years Eve.

Which means we had been driving all through the night and had gotten little to no sleep.

Which means all of us were basically dead.

We all took a little power nap and decided to go to this firework show/parade around 5:30.

Kyle and his cousin Corey were feeling bad (altitude sickness) so they stayed in.

We decided to walk to the “show” and once we finally got there it was over.

Talk about a bummer. 

Since it was over we just decided to hop on a bus and head to a local causal bar.

Here is my COMPLETE last minute NYE outfit.

I had ordered a dress before we left and it didnt arrive in time for me to take it 🙁

So I literally threw random things in my suitcase and well this is what I came up with!

No jewelry or anything because I was rushed :(. hmph. 

BUT I did grab an adorable coat and threw on a scarf, which made it all the better.

After about an hour at the bar we FINALLY convinced Kyle and Corey to come.

 I was NOT going to let Kyle get away with not kissing me on NYE.

Once they got there we ALL started to get super tired…

We definitely made a huge mistake by starting our night out at 5:30 and not napping longer.

After the other boys got there we stayed about another hour..

Then we were ALL ready to go lay down..pretty sure it was around 9 or 10 at this time. Ha!

So Kyle and I cheated and took a “Happy New Year Kiss Photo” WAY before it was the new year.

Hey, sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

Half of us ended up leaving and half of us ended up staying.

We went back to our condo and all got in comfy clothes,

by the time we sat on the couch the other half of the group had already showed up!

So, I guess it wasn’t the most exciting NYE, but it sure was an AMAZING trip.

Can’t wait to share our first day of skiing with y’all tomorrow!

xoxo, Monica


  1. January 6, 2015 / 3:53 pm

    We did our best to stay up until midnight–but we stayed in the whole night. I spent the evening in a onesie and it was amazing!! Your outfit is adorable!

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