Dog Parks and Dinners

Saturday was an interesting one.

Piko Top: ShopMCE

Necklace: ShopMCE

Jeans: LuLus

Booties: Madden girl via ShopTheRage (similar)

Bag: LuLus

Kyle’s dad was in town again this weekend, so early Saturday morning

Kyle left to go play golf with him, his brother,  and (our) brother in law!

While he did that I was a good wife and cleaned up the house!

(Go me!)

Then I decided to be a good mother and take Charley to the dog park.

I was really only planning on being there for about an hour….

Until this guy started talking to me, and never stopped.

Don’t get me wrong he was really nice and we had a good convo!

He wasn’t creepy or flirting with me, just loved to talk…

Y’all…I was there for almost FIVE hours.

yes, 5.

Charley of course had the time of her life, 

but sheesh I was so ready to go home and get out of the freezing wind and sit on my butt.

We finally left then I had to hurry and get ready to go to dinner with Kyle’s

dad and everyone else that was in town!

We were planning on going to dinner and all hanging out and doing something afterwards.

Well that didnt exactly happen.

After dinner everyone was SO tired.

All of us had been in the sun all day and I guess that just wore us out!

So we all went our separate ways and headed home.

Kyle and I spent the rest of the evening watching netflix,

We’re on season 4 of Homeland right now! Anyone else watching that?!

My first day of Nannying/Dog Walking went well yesterday!

The boy and pup are both sweethearts.

If you followed me on snapchat there’s a picture and video of Bentley the golden doodle!

He is too too cute!

I’m not going to lie though I was WORN OUT once I got home!

Adding something new to your schedule sure does take its toll on a girl.

Well I’m off to drink some coffee and get ready for the day,

Happy Tuesday Ladies!

xoxo, Monica


  1. January 28, 2015 / 3:43 am

    That is a lot of small talk! I usually do the same thing when I go out and about — I am always talking ha ha.

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