Last Thursday me and 3 girlfriends jumped on a cruise and headed to Mexico!
Liz’s boyfriend was oh so kind and drove us there so we didnt have to pay for parking.

By him driving we were also able to get the party started early!

We got there and of course had to go through lines as usual.
And well, It was a tad bit different than we expected…
I’ve been on about 4-5 cruises, and 2 of my other girlfriends have been on at least 2.
While we were in the lines we noticed that there was NO ONE our age,
and there were a TON of kids…like SO many y’all.
But anyways, we weren’t going to let that get us down!
Usually as soon as you get on the ship they’re playing fun party music and all the staff
are dancing around trying to get everyone excited and ready to have fun!

Well, there was a guitar player, playing the most mellow music you’ve ever heard.
But it was fine,
we were all tired and we figured maybe they’re just doing that because it’s the first day.

We each got ourselves a drink and wondered around the boat.
Then headed back to our room to unpack all of our luggage.

How big and glamorous does our room look?!

haha! It really wasn’t that bad, we were barely ever in there.

I’m not going to lie, the first night was a little rough.

I think we were all a little disappointed with the music/atmosphere.

Apparently there was a junior high cheerleading competition taking place on the boat.

So there were TONS and tons of kids that age with their families and all of their little siblings.

And then we found out that the DJs literally weren’t allowed to play a lot of music because it was such a family boat.

So we went to bed early and told ourselves we were going to make the best of it, 

and we did!

The trip ended up being a blast!! 

and the weather was so beautiful, so here is our trip in pictures!


It was definitely a successful and fun girls trip!

We made lots of new friends and had the best time.

I’m already dying to go on another vacation, but this time with Kyle!

Oh and I NEED to get back in the gym, I gained 7 lbs on the cruise.

Whoopsie, at least I know I really enjoyed myself haha.

Happy Hump Day!

Okay y’all…

So I’m not going to lie, I’m no where near where I wanted to be, 

but I am way better than I was before!

I’ve been working out 4-5 times a week, and eating a lot better!

Everyone always says that eating right is the main way to lose weight/tone up.

And they are so so so right!!!!

I’m really going to try and stayyyy on this path of daily exercise and eating right

once the cruise is over, because I’ve still got a ways to go before I’m where I want to be!

Obviously I’m going to enjoy myself on the cruise and eat, drink and be merry.

I’ve been incorporating abs into my work outs more often and that has definitely helped!

It’s nice to actually see that my stomach has gotten more toned in just 3 weeks!

whoop whoop!

Y’all cross your fingers and say a little prayer that the weather is nice for us! 

I’m off to eat my banana with almond butter then heading to the gym. 

Happy Hump Day

xoxo, Monica

Top: DaintyHooligan (similar option)

Leggings: WindsorStore

Heels: Ebay (real version) (similar option)

[I’m not positive if the Ebay link are the exact ones I bought, I deleted the confirmation email]

Clutch: ShopMCE

Necklace: ShopMCE

Our Valentines Day started out with some heart shaped pancakes, made by yours truly.

They were pretty delicious if I do say so myself.
The weather was so so pretty so we figured we’d take our girl to the park!

Kyle and I got to walk around, talking and enjoying the weather 

while Charley got alllllll of her energy out!

I headed over to my parents that afternoon while Kyle did manly things,
My mom had fixed a pair of heels for me that I needed to pick up AND also
DVR’d the bachelor episode that I missed last week!
(such a crazy episode by the way!!!!)

Once I got home I started getting ready for our double date that evening!
We went to a restaurant called Saldivias South American Grill.
I had never heard of it but omg it was fantasticcccc!

Kyle and I got there before Liz and John and I was greeted with a rose.

Liz and John are one of our absolute favorite couples to double date with!

Liz and I have been friends since 6th grade and Kyle and John get along SO well.

I can’t believe her and I will be in Mexico in just a few days!!

I am way too excited about our girls trip!!

Kyle bought 5 boxes of girl scout cookies last week…

which means my whole “eating healthy” thing completely went down the drain.

Buttttt I’ve got a few more days to “get it together”

So I just need to steer clear of the Girl Scout Cookies!
[Lord help me]

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day Weekend!
Happy Monday!

xoxo, Monica

Top: BrandyMelville [similar]

Plaid: LuLus

Jeans: Kohls

Boots: Forever21 [similar]

On Saturday a bunch of us headed to Top Golf!
There was a 2 hour wait so we went to a little sports bar while we waited.
I’ve been [attempting] to eat better lately but I decided since it was the weekend
I would give myself a little break…so I ordered these.

and ate every single last one…and yes, I was miserable.
I was so full I could die.

After eating and having a beer we headed back to Top Golf!

I was enjoying slowly working off my nachos until these arrived…

Cinnamon Sugar Injectable Donut Holes Y’all…

They were so good we ordered 3!

Well we actually ordered 2 but they messed up and accidentally brought out a 3rd and well,

we ate them!

They were basically crack, all of us were SO full but literally couldn’t stop.

After some golf and putting ourselves in a food coma it was time to go home and relax!

This weekend was awesome,
We got to be with family, and got to celebrate our anniversary!

Can’t believe Valentines Day is SO close, I need to find myself an outfit!!

Happy Hump Day y’all!

xoxo, Monica

Dress: LuLus

Bag: Forever21

Heels: LuLus 

[not the most comfortable, but unbelievably fabulous]

Necklace: LuLus

Since our anniversary fell on a Monday we decided to celebrate on Sunday.
Kyle took me to a Brazilian Steak house, where they serve you unlimited amounts of different meat.
[Holy cow y’all, talk about a food coma.]

Since we’re poor newlyweds we kind of just both silently agreed that we wouldn’t
really do any gifts.
After I finished getting ready I was shamelessly taking a snapchat selfie
when Kyle walked up behind me and said
“So, I did end up getting you a little something…”
I turn around and he’s holding a little box with this stunning diamond necklace in it.
“1 diamond for 1 year of marriage” he said.
I totally cried.

So after hugging him 100 times we finally left to head to the restaurant. 

It was so nice! Neither of us have ever been to a place like this,

so it was cool to experience it together.

They had a huge salad bar that included all kinds of different veggies.

This is what my first plate looked like.

and then we had about 5 plates full of different meats…

I mean, I love my meat..but woah…it was A LOT…
like they just keep bringing out more and more meat the whole time,
the shrimp [not pictured] and the steak were definitely both of our favorites.
Oh and there were also 3 different sides….

Pretty positive I left at least 5 pounds heavier.
But it was absolutely perfect, I am one lucky girl!

Cannot wait to see what this next year has in store for us!

xoxo, Monica