On Saturday Kyle and I packed Charley up and headed to the beach!

The weather was too perfect not to go.

[you can get the adorable sweater I’m wearing here]

[and this cute headband here]

Charley was THRILLED to say the least, I think this picture pretty much sums that up.

[if you’re a bird I’m a bird?]

It was super windy when we got there, Kyle and I were expecting it to be a little warmer,

but Charley didn’t seem to mind at all lol

We stayed for a few hours but then it started getting crowded and we hate having to tie Charley up,
so we headed on out!
I’m so so glad we got to go though!
Now I’m ready to get Charley into the snow, she would REALLY love the snow.

Hope all of you had a fantastic weekend, the weather was awesome for us,
hopefully it stays like this for a while!

Happy Monday!
xoxo, Monica

Pinterest never seems to fail me y’all. 

Of course I’ve personally had some pinterest fails, but Tuesday night I totally nailed it.

Around noon I realized I had nothing in the house for dinner,

so of course I went to pinterest to find out if I could make something with the things I already had.

Then I stumbled across the EASIEST recipe ever 

[and later found out that it was freaking delicious as well]

This recipe can make tacos, nachos, really whatever your heart desires,

and mine was really desiring nachos!

For the original recipe click here.

Or just keep reading to see the step by step instructions by yours truly!

Shredded Chick Nachos

What you’ll need:

Frozen Chicken Breasts (I used 3 and we still had plenty left over)

Jar of Salsa (I just used a traditional mild salsa)

1 Can of Rotel

1 packet of taco seasoning

1 can refried beans 

Shredded cheese

Your favorite tortilla chips (we LOVE on the border tortilla chips)

And any other additional toppings you might want!!

What you’ll do:

1. Place frozen chicken breasts, jar of salsa, can of rotel, & taco seasoning in crock pot.

2. Cook on high for about 4-5 hours, then cook on low until chicken looks ready and shreds easily.

3. Heat up your refried beans

4. Then start putting your nachos together!!


I was a little nervous that Kyle wouldn’t love this recipe because he is more of a beef person,

WRONG. We both had 2 full plates and then shared another plate!

These are SO good and SO addicting. 

If you’re on a diet I don’t recommend them because

 it’s kind of impossible to stop yourself from eating them lol

But seriously y’all this is one of the easiest recipes I have ever made.

This would be REALLY great if you have company over to watch a game or something! 

Let me know if you decide to try out the recipe!!

On a completely different note…

I need a little hair help!

As you all can clearly see I’m a HUGE fan of the wand, and my hair is almost always curled.

However, my hair is naturally board straight and I have a hard time getting it to hold

the curl for a long amount of time.

I use Garnier Fructis hair spray every now and then but don’t feel like it does much..

So, do any of you have some magic product you’ve found that really helps to hold your curls?!

I hate most hair sprays because I can’t stand when my hair feels stiff, so keep that in mind!

I am just desperateeeeee for something to help hold me waves/curls longer!

Hey guys!

So I realized I haven’t really updated y’all on my progress and thoughts of the BBG I purchased.

First of all, I REALLY love it.

I’m on week 4 and I’ve pretty much been able to do every work out at home

(I already had dumbbells, and I went ahead a purchased a weight bench)

Which is a HUGE plus for me.

I love that the work outs are only 30 minutes long, 

and I LOVE that afterwards I feel like I got in an amazing work out even though it was so short.

There hasn’t been a single day since i’ve started where at least 1 body part isn’t sore. 

I purchased the Bikini Body Bundle where it also came with a meal plan.

I’m somewhat regretting that, NOT because it isn’t amazing, but because I know myself 

and I’ve never been one to really stick with a strict meal plan.

However, if I was living by myself I would definitely be sticking with the meal plan.

But having a husband that likes junk food and to go out to eat it makes it REALLY hard.

(because of course I love those things too)

As for the progress, I can totally tell my body is changing.

BUT I haven’t been eating like I’m supposed too, so my progress isn’t anything where it should be.

My legs and butt are definitely getting more toned and growing,

but I’ve also been adding in extra leg & butt work outs since I’m really trying to grow that area.

These work outs may not be for everyone but I happen to really love them.

Was it worth the $120? For me, yes.

I can say that since I started I have STUCK with it and worked out every single day 

of the week except Sunday, and before I started I would drag myself to the gym maybe

2-3 days a week.

So that’s a HUGE deal for me, the fact that I really enjoy these work outs.

I’m also working body parts that I never would’ve done myself at the gym.

I will definitely keep y’all posted about my thoughts and progress

throughout the 12 weeks.

Hope this helps anyone who has gone back and forth about purchasing!!

xoxo, Monica

You know when you’re having one of “those days” and you hate all of your clothes,

and feel fat and ugly? Well girls, this shirt was MADE for those days.

Super comfy, and a super cute fit that doesn’t hug in any of the wrong places.

Top: LuLus

Jacket: JCrew

Jeans: Free People

Booties: Zara

Kyle and I went to meet some old friends for a late lunch yesterday.

Kyle actually went to high school with both of them (who are now married)

and Chris went to college with us freshman year and we all became really great friends.

Yesterday was really the first time for me to actually meet his wife (Tara) 

And now we’re both poor newlyweds with pretty much all of the same problems, ha! 

We went to a little place downtown called Grafiti Kitchen & Bar.
I would definitely recommend it for any of my fellow Houstonians!

We stayed there for about 2 hours just talking and catching up.
Brunch dates might be one of my favorite kinds of dates,
the food is just about always delicious and you really can’t go wrong with a mimosa.

The weather here lately has been so gross, rainy, and muggy and basically just depressing.
But yesterday was beyond gorgeous!! Fingers crossed that we’ll keep having days like that!

Everyone say a little prayer for Kyle this morning,
today is his first day at his new job and apparently his boss isn’t the greatest of people.

Have a great day pretty girls!

xoxo, Monica

Tank: Dainty Hooligan

Jacket: Tillys

Jeans: Free People

Boots: Cavenders: Justin Brand

On Wednesday Kyle and I headed to the rodeo and met up with one of our favorite couples!

We got there a little early and they were running a little late,

Thankfully Tara and Jonathan were there so we met up with them and hung out

until Claire and her boyfriend got there! 

We grabbed a beer then walked around looking at all of the animals. 

These baby piglets were JUST born that day, how freaking cute are they?!?!

I could go to the rodeo every day if I had the chance, 

I’m really hoping we get to go at least one more time before it ends!

After looking at all the baby animals we headed to grab some food and go to our seats!

I, of course, got the nachos. Pretty sure they were gone within 3 minutes. 

After we finished eating Claire and Brett finally made it!

I met Claire in college and seriously adore her friendship. 

She’s one of the most amazing and sweetest girls you will ever meet, oh, and HILARIOUS.

We chatted and sang the night away, while the boys chatted and drank beer.

After a few beers I was dying for something sweet, so I’m sure you can guess what came next…

Funnel cakes are everything y’all. 

We had such a great time, the rodeo never seems to disappoint.

xoxo, Monica