Memorial Day and That Long Lost Feeling of Confidence.

You know what’s awesome?! Actually being excited to put on a swimsuit, that’s awesome.

I’ve never been overweight, but I have been “skinny fat” and I’m telling you, that just may be worse.

I’ve been working my butt off and eating healthy for the past few weeks now

 and I am definitely seeing changes, and I am SO pumped about it.

Memorial Day was spent at my mother in laws!

We layed by the pool and soaked up the sun [and storm clouds] as long as we could.

I scored this hat at walmart and I may wear it every day from here on out…

I look awful in this picture and my hair looks orange, 

BUT I didn’t take many pictures that day so you gotta work with what ya got.

These 2 seriously kill me, my heart is so full.

and of course the typical “force your daughter to smile and cooperate” photo.

She loves being difficult.

It was really nice just to be able to be outside,

We’ve pretty much been stuck inside for weeks because the weather has been so bad.

Thank you Jesus for sunshine, even if it’s just a little!!

Hope all of you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and got to spend it with loved ones!

xoxo, Monica

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